Airborne (1993)

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Airborne is a 1993 family adventure comedy produced by Icon Productions and distributed by Warner Bros. The film stars Shane McDermott, Seth Green, Brittney Powell and Jack Black, written by Bill Apablasa and Stephen McEveety, and directed by Rob Bowman.

Why it sucks:

  1. Weak plot that offers nothing substantial.
  2. Weird dialogue.
  3. The protagonist, Mitchell Goosen (Shane McDermott), is a bit of a douche yet we're meant to treat him as the underdog.
  4. Mitchell Goosen (Shane McDermott) has trouble fitting in and getting the girl at the beginning, despite being good-looking which realistically is hard to believe.
  5. The whole film is nothing but 90's school film clichés: theres a good-looking white new kid who has trouble fitting in at first, there's extreme sports is involved, jock bullies that get offended when you talk to their girl, there's surfing in there somewhere, the guy getting the attractive girl at the end. It's basically an advertisement for early 90's family films.
  6. Attempts at comedy which come off as both confusing and awkward.
  7. The film starts with Mitchell Goosen (Shane McDermott) having to move to Cincinnati from California to stay with his aunt and cousin because his parents have to move to Australia for their work. They could've easily taken him with them since Australia does have schools as well.
  8. The race at the end on Devil's Backbone, whilst interesting for the first 2 minutes, instantly get boring and goes on for 15 minutes.


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