A Very Cool Christmas

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A Very Cool Christmas (released in the US as Too Cool for Christmas) is a 2004 Canadian Christmas family adventure TV movie produced by Shavick Entertainment. The film stars George Hamilton, Brooke Nevin, Donna Mills, Barclay Hope, Ingrid Torrance and Adrienne Carter, written by Michael Gelbart (who also plays Chuck in the film), and directed by Sam Irvin.

Why It Sucks

  1. Very cheesy acting and dialogue.
  2. A lot of scenes just go for too long and could either be trimmed down or taken out.
  3. Terrible sound mixing. The music is too low in some scenes and some terrible sound effects added.
  4. During the supposed 3 week montage of Lindsay (Brooke Nevin) exercising with Santa (George Hamilton), it's only after that she realizes that he's the real Santa when she sees his sleigh. You'd think that during that whole 3 weeks she would've seen the sleigh sooner and discovered this then.
  5. Despite Donna Mills having top billing, she has very little screen time with only 2 scenes.


  • The US version, Too Cool for Christmas, is slightly different with Lindsay's parents instead being a gay couple with the mom character replaced with Matt (Adam J. Harrington).


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