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A Christmas Story 2 is a 2012 direct-to-video film directed by Brian Levant. It is the sequel to the 1983 film A Christmas Story and stars Braden Lemasters as Ralphie Parker, Daniel Stern as Mr. Parker and Stacey Travis as Mrs. Parker.


The film takes place six years after the events of the first movie, which took place in 1940. Ralphie is now 15 years old, and all he wants is a used 1939 Mercury Eight Convertible for Christmas. He accidentally causes the car to roll back of the used car lot and gently tap a light pole, causing a plastic reindeer on the pole to fall off and crash through the convertible top, so he bands together with Flick and Schwartz to raise enough money to pay the dealer back for fixing it before Christmas so that the car dealer won't have Ralphie arrested and presumably thrown in jail (he would have to go to court and be found guilty first, and even then, jail is probably unlikely). He and his friends get a job and after going through several department stores at the Higbee's store and in the end getting into a fight with the mall store Santa and then each other, they all get fired. Ralphie does get his job back after begging and demanding so he does raise the money but donates a chunk for a less fortunate family. He winds up still off the hook with the owner of the dealership. In the end he does get the car he wants for Christmas and the girlfriend he wants to go with it.

Why It Sucks

  1. The film lacks the charm that was featured in the original film.
  2. The original film didn't have a sequel-based ending.
  3. Overuse of narration and fantasies.
  4. Several supporting characters from the first film don’t appear in this one, nor are they mentioned.
  5. It wasted the talents of Braeden Lemasters, Daniel Stern, and Stacey Travis.
  6. Ralphie is really disturbing, unlikable and perverted in the film.
  7. There's a really creepy dream sequence that involves a Nazi soldier.
  8. Ralphie has sexual fantasies of Drucilla during Band Class, like sniffing her hair from behind and acting like he's having an orgasm while playing the cymbals uncontrollably.
  9. It’s nowhere as exciting or funny as the first film.
  10. It has unoriginal jokes and plotlines that were ripped-off from the first film, as seen in the Nostalgia Critic review of the film. N.C. kept saying "FIRST MOVIE!" in a silly way and manner whenever something from the first film was seen in this film.
  11. Flat characterization of the once-likable characters.
  12. Ralph and his two friends, Schwartz and Flik, try to get a job at a department store and makes several mistakes worth getting fired for but are never punished and instead given different jobs in the store.
  13. Silly and stupid sound effects.
  14. Bland music.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Braeden Lemasters does a decent job at playing Ralphie, as he captures the spirit of the original actor, Peter Billingsley, but still manages to make it his own.


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