3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain

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3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain
The movie that killed the 3 Ninjas franchise
Genre: Family
Martial arts
Directed By: Sean McNamara
Produced By: Arthur Leeds
Sang-ok Shin
Written By: Sean McNamara
Jeff Phillips
Starring: Hulk Hogan
Loni Anderson
Victor Wong
Mathew Botuchis
Michael J. O'Laskey II
James Paul Roeske ll
Jim Varney
Cinematography: Blake T. Evans
Distributed By: TriStar Pictures
Release Date: April 10, 1998
Runtime: 93 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: N/A
Box Office: $375,805 (U.S.)
Franchise: 3 Ninjas
Prequel: 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up
Sequel: N/A

3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain is a 1998 American family martial arts film directed by Sean McNamara (who would later direct the live-action Bratz movie) and starring Hulk Hogan as Dave Dragon, Victor Wong as Grandpa Mori, Loni Anderson as Medusa Rogers and Jim Varney as Lothar Zogg. It was the fourth and final film in the 3 Ninjas film franchise.

The film is infamous for its negative reception by both critics and fans of the series, who consider this film to be the worst film in the 3 Ninjas franchise. The film also bombed at the box office.


During their summer vacation with their grandfather Mori, Rocky, Colt and Tum-Tum take a test on an obstacle course in pitch blackness. They pass the test. Later that night, he overhears Rocky and Colt planning on not returning the next year, due to getting older and he becomes depressed at this.

Returning home, Tum-Tum also becomes depressed after learning that his favorite TV show, Dave Dragon, is being cancelled and not even food can cheer him up, which confuses his mother Jessica. They meet a new neighbor, Amanda, who accidentally sends her remote controlled helicopter into their house. She apologizes, and Jessica invites her to attend Tum-Tum's birthday party at Mega Mountain, an amusement park modeled after Six Flags. Once they get to the park, Rocky goes off on his own to be with his girlfriend Jennifer, while Tum-Tum convinces Colt to go with him to a special live Dave Dragon show that will be his last performance. While the kids are enjoying themselves, a thief named Medusa Rogers and her men sneak in and take control of the park, disabling many rides and shutting the place down to hold the patrons hostage in exchange for $40 million from the park's owner Harry Jacobson. The boys and Amanda discover this and save Dave from being captured, as he seems to be the only viable threat to Medusa's plans. Amanda uses her laptop to try and override the controls, but Medusa's henchmen wrest control from her. Fearing they will interfere with her, she sends her idiot nephews out to capture them, but they are tricked by the boys and their access to an arsenal of small weapons and devices that Amanda possesses. Meanwhile, Dave sneaks into the command center, but is quickly discovered and captured.

Finding video of Rocky and his girlfriend, she sends her second-in-command Lothar out to make sure they don't interfere. He captures Jennifer and ties her to the bottom of a roller coaster loop. Medusa threatens to release the brakes and crush her if they don't cooperate, but Rocky goes to rescue her. After a fight leading Rocky and Lothar to the top of the coaster, Rocky sends him off and he bounces out of the park and into the hands of the FBI. He then manages to free Jennifer before the roller coaster can crush them. Jacobson arrives via helicopter with the money to pay the ransom, but Amanda manages to destroy one of the bags with her helicopter. She is quickly captured by Medusa and they escape underground with the remainder of the money. Darkening the halls, the boys must overcome their weakness in the dark in order to rescue Amanda, who is tied to a bomb. They manage to free her, but they are unable to disarm the bomb, they attach it to an oxygen tank and, with Dave's help, bat off the top of the tank, sending it like a torpedo down Medusa's escape route. Alerted to the explosion, the FBI manages to capture Medusa, who resigns herself to defeat.

Now hailed as heroes, the boys give the credit to Dave Dragon, hailing him as the real hero to the press. The boys return home and assure Mori they will not be leaving their training. They also extend the offer to Amanda to come train with them the following year, and she gladly accepts.

Why It Sucks

  1. It feels less like a 3 Ninjas film and more like a poor attempt at doing a family-friendly version of Die HardGMW set at an amusement park.
  2. The villain's plot makes no sense, even by kids film standards: Why are they endangering an entire theme park when they could have break into the theme park owner's house and steal his stash of $40 million dollars?
  3. The plot is somewhat nonsensical, with the people at the amusement park not reacting to the presence of criminals. 
  4. The special effects are poor.
  5. Weird and annoying dialogue like "You couldn't hit an elf in the butt with a bazooka!" and the kids saying "hi-yah!" whenever they are attacking the bad guys, which gets old and annoying fast.
  6. This film pretty much killed the franchise, as there been since no attempts at a fifth film or a reboot.


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