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1500 Steps

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1500 Steps is an Australian Christian drama released in 2014 direct-to-DVD and VOD, produced by Earl Street Pictures and Little Biddy Pictures. The film stars Alex Fechine, Laura Jane Benson, Jack Matthews, Adam Dear, Dave Proust, Keith Thomas and Richard Carwin, directed by Josh Reid, and written by Maurine Gibbons and Michael Wray.

Why It Sucks 1500 Times

  1. Awful acting. The characters lack emotions behind most of their words and at times come off as wooden.
  2. Pointless scenes that provide little to none character development and are just there to pad out the film's run time.
  3. Dialogue that's just stilted and goes nowhere.
  4. When we first see Grace Glorious (Laura Jane Benson), it immediately eludes to her later hooking up with Jobe (Alex Fechine) with how they interact with each other. They also lack any chemistry and don't have much dialogue between them.
  5. Jobe and most of the cast are meant to be around 16 years old and in high school, however they all look like they're in their late 20s. They should've cast actors around 18 years old to seem more believable. Most of the male characters look like they spend more time at the gym than studying.
    1. During the school athletics race, there are actual child actors in the same race with the older actors that it's obvious they're not all the same age.
  6. The bully character Damon Dundas (Jack Matthews) is your stereo-typical psychotic bully who harasses anyone that's weird and creepy around his girlfriend, even goes as far as spiking Samuel Jacon's (Adam Dear) drink to the point where he dies.
  7. Jobe's dad, Neil (Dave Proust), is just constantly aggressive. When he's suddenly apologetic, he quickly snaps to being bitter and angry again.
  8. Lacklustre attempts at injuries. The characters simply fall over and suddenly they're unconscious or having brain haemorrhages. Yet in one scene, the father, despite just falling over earlier and needing an ambulance, gets punched in the face by Jobe and seems alright.
  9. Lack of any establishing shots to provide context. In some shots, the characters are already reacting to something that's happening and we don't know until after they've reacted.
  10. Music that's louder than the dialogue. At times it's hard to make out what they're saying. In some scenes, a song with lyrics is played as they're talking. Are we meant to listen to the lyrics or the exchange between the characters?
  11. There's only 3 to 4 tracks played throughout the film and they also keep playing when going into other scenes, despite them set during different periods of time, making it feel out of place.
  12. In one scene, a random homeless person can be seen trying to fall asleep at a bus shelter which suggests no permits were given to film in any public location.
  13. They have to do a drug test for a school athletics race. Since when? It's not the Olympics, it's a high school event.
  14. The film's story is meant to be loosely based off the biblical story of Job, with the main character's name in reference to that, however there's little resemblance to the tale as it's undermined by a preachy teen drama plot. Jobe doesn't even start with good things happening to him and makes no reference to God till more than an hour into the movie.


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