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Álom.net, also known as Dream Well, is a 2009 Hungarian romantic comedy film written and directed by Gábor N. Forgács.

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Genre: Drama, Comedy
Starring: Lilla Labanc, Kinga Czifra, Ádám Csernóczki
Release Date: 2009
Runtime: 80 min
Country: Hungary


Regina, the once popular girl has to make new friends at her new, conservative school. Problems arrive when she becomes enemies with Lívia, the school's queen bee, and falls in love with Márk, a musician. If these weren't enough, she decides to organize a cheerleader team.

Why It Sucks

  1. The movie desperately triying to look like an american teen comedy but it's makes the movie more laughable.
  2. Terrible acting. The main characters are annoying as hell. The acting of the main hero's dad was so awful it's became a meme in Hungary.
  3. During some scene the windshield of a car are plane white due to the missing polaroid filter on the camera.
  4. Cliche "how an unpopular girl get's famous in her school" story.
  5. Awful camerawork. During some premier plan the center character is too blurry.
  6. Pointless scenes where the heroine is in an ankward pose . (Like the scene where she is grabs a soda from the machine and during that the camera shows her panties)
  7. Awful soundtrack.
  8. In one scene the steady cam operator slides thorugh the scene in front of the camera.


Álom.net has a score of 1.8 on IMDB,making it the lowest rated Hungarian movie of all time.