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Roman Polanski 2011 2.jpg
Nationality: Polish, French
Gender: Male
Born: August 18, 1933
Occupation: Film director
Years active: 1953-present
Notable works: The Pianist
Rosemary's Baby

Roman Polanski (born August 18, 1933) is a Polish-French film director, producer, writer and actor. Polanski is also a fugitive from the U.S. criminal justice system; he fled the country in 1977 while awaiting sentencing for unlawful intercourse with a minor.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is known for drugging and raping a 13 years old Samantha Geimer in 1977 after asking Geimer's mother to let her come of Jack Nicholson's house so he could photograph the girl privately for the French edition of Vogue. While he pleaded guilty for unlawful sex with a minor, upon realizing that the judge was going to reject his plea deal and order his incarceration and deportation, Polanski fled to Paris and has remained in France since then to avoid being arrested for his crimes. He rarely leaves France so the Interpol can't arrest him.
  2. Aside from Samantha Geimer, a number of other women, including Charlotte Lewis and Valentine Monnier, have accused him of raping them back when they were teenagers. Polanski has denied all of these allegations, however.
  3. He has blamed Harvey Weinstein for his expulsion from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences by saying that thanks to Weinstein's sexual abuse allegations, the media makes him look as a monster. He once recalled that Weinstein tried to blackmail him back in 2003 with Samantha Geimer's case so Chicago could win the Academy Award for Best Picture, saying that Geimer's case wasn't important to anyone anymore, which is wrong, as crimes aren't forgotten.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He has had a very hard life. While this doesn't excuse his actions in any way, it's hard to feel a bit sorry for the many terrible things he faced:
    • He was expelled from primary school simply for being Jewish during World War II, and given the Invasion of Poland, he and his family were forced to live in a ghetto. He also became accustomed to see the Nazis assaulting Jewish civilians on the street, and even killing them! When meeting with some Nazis, they cruelly used him for target practicing.
    • His parents were taken away to Nazi concentration camps, with his mother dying shortly after arriving at Auschwitz. Though he eventually met again with his father, he was horrified when the Nazis took his father away and his father told him to get lost upon trying to approach him so the Nazis would not take him as well.
    • He was assaulted by Janusz Dziuba, a notorious Kraków felon who arranged to sell his bicycle but instead stole his money and beat him badly to the point of fracturing his skull.
    • The murder of his beloved wife Sharon Tate and his unborn child Paul Richard. While he was working in London, Sharon and some of her friends were sadistically murdered by Charles Manson's followers. This was a turning point on his life, having said that his absence that night is the biggest regret of his life.
  2. He has expressed regret what what he did to Samantha Geimer, not wanting to talk about it anymore for the sake of his wife Emmanuelle Seigner and his children Morgane and Elvis, showing that he does care about his family. Geimer has also said that she accepts Pulanski's apologies and is sure he would not repeat the same mistake if he were accepted back into the United States of America.
  3. He has directed many good movies like The Pianist, Chinatown and Rosemary's Baby.

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