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Training with Hinako
Hqdefault (1).jpg
"I've gotten fat." - Hinako
Genre: Anime
Directed By: Iku Suzuki
Produced By: Primastea
Starring: Mai Kadowaki
Release Date: April 24, 2009
Runtime: 24 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Franchise: Hinako

Training with Hinako (Japanese: いっしょにすりーぴんぐ, translation: Issho ni Training) is a short film produced by Primastea, released in 2009. This time, the protagonist, Hinako, forced to have to lose weight, decides to do a series of different push-ups so she wouldn't be punished from seeing her favorite anime. Despite this, she seems to have given up on her mission, counting on a moderately irritated facial expression at the end.

Why It Sucks

  1. The quality of the animation is pretty low quality. In addition to sub-par, it is rigid and contains some grotesque mistakes like the zoom camera worthy of eye pain.
    • Yet in this topic, bizarre visual effects and extremely uncomfortable camera angles disrupt the experience of the viewer being watched.
  2. Hinako is scary. When we first saw her in the bathroom, she did not even seem to get bogged down with the camera filming her naked in the shower, and she approached the viewer at an absurd speed, taking in the whole area of the camera; In addition to doing this twice, the way she approaches the camera and her excessively cheerful way of looking into the viewer's soul is worthy of a jumpscare! (but without the screams); On the second day of training, she becomes frightened, desperate, and screams loudly (and we say, very high) as she throws a book near the camera.
  3. Absurd plot: Hinako needs to exercise after receiving a letter saying she will be punished from seeing anime if she does not do it.
  4. At the beginning of the movie, we see a girl watching television while eating something that looks like chips when she gets sucked into the TV and the TV goes off the air and is never seen again.
  5. Poor audio editing: Many sound effects do not even match the character's actions, as well as a lot of unnecessary noise in some scenes. It is presumed that in the dubbing part, Hinako's voice has been reused several times because when she is doing push-ups standing up without any background music, Hinako's voice actor seems to be hitting his head on the ground while she dubs. And before a three-second countdown happens, the annoying sound effects, Hinako's voice and background music stop abruptly, as if it were a Nintendo 64 game paused.
  6. Whenever Hinako's breasts move in abundance, an annoying "boing" sound effect plays in the background, delayed by poor quality sound editing.
  7. Near the end, Hinako appears in the purple background, almost stopped, counting while making a very weak jump.
  8. The filler present during the short film makes everything even less meaningful. Due to poor organization in general, there are several confusing scenes like the three-second countdown to the same scene, but with Hinako in several different outfits (or the same outfit as before) and the opening scene of an anime in which Hinako seems like very much.
  9. It is not known for sure if this is a mistake, but after Hinako trains for the first and second time, the final credits appear at the beginning of the movie, twice in a row!
  10. Really generic background music, which is on a loop.


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