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Summary last edited by DeciduousWater534 21:34, 25 January 2021 1 month ago

The submissions are closed and finished. Results can be seen here:

ItMeansNothing (talkcontribs)

I have an event I want to do. You guys can give me any suggestions of whatever character I should draw.

It can be:

  1. An OC originally made by you.
  2. An existing character from a TV show/video game/movie/cartoon/comic book/etc.
  3. Yourself (Picrew or Vyond avatar reccommed)


Event ends next Sunday and drawings will abe revealed on Januray 4th.

EijiZeBoi (talkcontribs)

Draw Toph from Avatar.

ItMeansNothing (talkcontribs)

Image plz

Trevor807 (talkcontribs)
Blader07 (talkcontribs)

Draw my Oc please

The green bandicoot it's me (and yes, this oc is made by me).

The art belongs to my brazilian friend of YouTube: Johny Cooper

The references on my oc:

Clothing - Heihachi Mishima (from Tekken)

Left Hand: PlayStation Vita

Right Hand: Mega Buster (from Mega Man) and the beyblade is Storm Pegasus (from Metal Fight Beyblade Generation toyline)

The Head: Gingka's bandana (from Metal Fight Beyblade)

DeciduousWater534 (talkcontribs)

Decidueye, considering he's the reason why I include "deciduous" in my username.

SmileFace24 (talkcontribs)

My Piccrew Avatar.


Arctic01 (talkcontribs)
Stephenfisher2001 (talkcontribs)

I've made my OC out of Picrew like Voltuse (Zapper), ACoolBlaze, and EijiZeBoi did.

Also, I've made a Sangled version a few months ago.

ChessPiece21 (talkcontribs)

Draw Jared from Silicon Valley, preferably with the god tier jacket:

PlantyB0i (talkcontribs)

Just draw me my homegirl, Lyndis. She's from FE.

PlantyB0i (talkcontribs)
Mickey Mouse (talkcontribs)
MrAnonymous (talkcontribs)

I made my DeviantArt avatar as a Fall Guy and as a Crewmate

ItMeansNothing (talkcontribs)

@MrAnonymous Image plz

Voxelvillager (talkcontribs)

Draw Conker from Conker's Bad Fur Day

DeciduousWater534 (talkcontribs)

Where can I find the drawings? I don't see them anywhere.

ItMeansNothing (talkcontribs)

Wage's Sus. I actually haven't published all of them

ChessPiece21 (talkcontribs)

Isn't this the link? Also I don't see them.

ItMeansNothing (talkcontribs)

Yes, but I haven't published all of them. I haven't released it yet. I'm WAY behind.

Although, I did finish drawing all of them and was planning to color the rest, but since I have too much going on, I'm gonna leave the rest uncolored.

ItMeansNothing (talkcontribs)
ChessPiece21 (talkcontribs)

Your Jared OC looks great!!!

Voxelvillager (talkcontribs)

The Conker drawing made me tear up. Thanks a bunch.

ItMeansNothing (talkcontribs)
Stephenfisher2001 (talkcontribs)

That brick guy of me looks cool. :)

ItMeansNothing (talkcontribs)

Someone resolve this.