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What are your experiences with the Amber Heard apologist?

CrusaderPrime (talkcontribs)

My minor experinces in real life is my Dad (Not a SJW as hes a conservative) said that he routes for The Sun and Amber Heard when Johnny Depp lost in court. I tried to explain him that even if Johnny Depp abuse Heard that does not excuse her behaviour. But he tries to defend her saying its self defenses which in my mind i really dont like that excuse. The reason why he supports The Sun and Amber Heard is hes a The Sun supporter since the 80s.

So what are your experinces with a Amber Heard apologist?

Xian Pu (talkcontribs)

Most people I know aren't really outright apologists for Heard per se, beyond clearly having just read some article on a celebrity news website and saying what a horrible person Depp is. Maybe one or two people I know have said Heard and Depp are as messed-up as each other, but that's it.