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The URLs of the new websites would be:

  • (the central site)
  • (the login site)
  • (Greatest Movies Wiki)
  • (Awful Movies Wiki)
  • (Terrible Episodes and Series Wiki)
  • (Best Episodes and Series Wiki)
  • (Awesome Games Wiki)
  • (Crummy Games Wiki)
  • (Incredible Characters Wiki) or (Amazing Characters Wiki)
  • (Loathsome Characters Wiki)
  • (Magnificent Literature Wiki)
  • (Dreadful Literature Wiki)
  • (Delightful Music and Songs Wiki)
  • (Horrible Music and Songs Wiki)
  • (Rotten Websites Wiki)
  • (Fresh Websites Wiki)

Someone should make designs for t-shirts, sweaters, and hats that we can put our logos on. And we could not only talk about quality, like Trevor said, we would talk about good creative advice, and we could even do entertainment news. And on these websites we would have forums where people could talk about these topics.