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Foodfight! DVD cover.jpg
If you want to watch what has often been quoted as one of the worst animated films of all time, we are telling you, don't (the main characters are the ones on the bottom left corner, by the way...).
Genre: Adventure
Directed By: Lawrence Kasanoff
Produced By: George Johnsen
Lawrence Kasanoff
Joshua Wexler
Written By: Lawrence Kasanoff
Joshua Wexler
Starring: Charlie Sheen
Wayne Brady
Hillary Duff
Eva Longoria
Larry Miller
Christopher Lloyd
Runtime: 87 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $45–65 million
Box Office: $73,706

Foodfight! is a 2012 computer-animated adventure comedy film directed by Lawrence Kasanoff and produced by Threshold Entertainment. The film takes place in a supermarket which, after closing time, transforms into a city where all the citizens are personified well-known marketing icons.

The movie originally had a Christmas 2003 theatrical release; however, it was delayed, as the project had to start over with only what little remained, since hard drives containing unfinished assets from the film were stolen (in what was quoted as an act of "industrial espionage") and that no backups were available. It was released a decade later after being auctioned off and "finished" as quickly and cheaply as possible. Its state would lead it to become known as one of the worst animated movies of all time, and a serious contender for the title of outright worst.


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