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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze: Difference between revisions

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== Bad Qualities==
#Due to parents complaints of the first movie being too dark and violent for there children, the studio decided tone down the darker elements all together andfor madethe thissequel movieand make it more kid friendly to be in close with the 87 TV show, which results in a jarring tonal shift, and while that may satisfy fans of the cartoon (which you can checkin the movies good qualities), it also alienated older viewers who enjoy that gritter feel that the first movie had established. This is somewhat shares similar to what happenparallels with the Burton/Schumacher ''Batman'' films, that were released around the same time.
#While the animatronics on the turtles and Splinter are still impressive, the designs that they went with made them less imposing and more cartoony, which further results in the filmmakers response to the parents reaction of the first film. Not to mention that the lighter color pallete can somewhat kill the illusion of seeing actual mutated turtles and a rat, compare to the more muted color palate in the first.
# The lighter tone also removes a lot of the cleaver and witty jokes from the first movie to completely juvenile humor.