Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022): Difference between revisions

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(Just looking at the reception section is enough to tell me that this movie is not average.)
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48 years after Leatherface's killing spree in 1973, a group of teenagers accidently trigger Leatherface's return. Now, Leatherface commits a new massacre that terrorizes the town. The teens are joined by Sally Hardesty, the sole survivor of Leatherface's massacre of 1973, to take down Leatherface once and for all.
==Why It's CalifornianCanceled, Brother==
#One of the criticisms about the film is that it's following almost every single plot point of the original without any special twist involved, making the film seem unnecessary. Even worse, a lot of critics and some fans have pointed out that nobody (besides Sally) is even worth rooting for, making the very same mistake that Texas Chainsaw 3D, ironically another Un-Reboot taking place after the original, made several years ago.
#While there are moments of suspense and tension like the first movie had; much like the later sequels and the original remakes, this movie focuses way too heavily on blood and gore with ton of carnage.