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Sleeping with Hinako
Sleeping Hinako Italian Front.jpg
"おやすみ" ("Goodnight.")
Genre: Anime
Directed By: Shinichiro Kimura
Produced By: Primastea
Starring: Mai Kadowaki
Release Date: February 11, 2010
Runtime: 49 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Franchise: Hinako

Sleeping with Hinako (Japanese: ひなこと寝, translation: I Slept with Hinako) is an anime OVA created in between 2009 and 2010, distributed by Primastea. The protagonist, Hinako, is called in the cover of the film, "the first virtual companion", or something similar. The premise of the film is strange, in which the companion of Hinako, the viewer has to accompany her sleeping until the sunrise for 45 minutes. Due to lack of buying interest, the DVD's strange plot, and the fact it is extremely boring, Hinako fell into obscurity outside of Japan, and it is not known if the franchise of Hinako still continues to this day.


The film begins with Hinako playing with a console similar to a Nintendo DS on the floor of her room, near midnight. She then, upon losing, gives up playing and is frightened to notice the viewer watching her, and then comforts her warmly. Hinako then decides to sleep, and then, she crawls (sic) to her closet, and throws a pair of pants in front of the camera.

As the pants fall, the lights are already off and Hinako is in her nightdress, still on the floor. Hinako first climbs on her bed, makes a sort of short prayer, and turns on her alarm clock that sits in her window.

Later, Hinako wraps herself in her pink blanket, makes some jokes with the viewer how to hide her eyes and show them again, and finally she begins to sleep, for more than 45 minutes, with several pauses.

After a few minutes, Hinako has a nightmare.

The film ends with an scene of Hinako waking up: however, the scene itself is played three times, but with different endings.

Why It Sucks

  1. All you gotta do is watch Hinako's various angles while asleep, which is extremely boring for a movie.
  2. Hinako approaches so close to the camera that sometimes she hits her head on the screen.
  3. The film is completely packed full of fills since Hinako changes direction every minute to even the time the alarm clock is activated and Hinako wakes up.
  4. Completely stupid idea that consists of a sleeping girl.
  5. In addition, when Hinako says she cannot sleep and invites the viewer to sleep with her, the camera focuses very close to her breasts for nine full minutes.
  6. When Hinako wakes up, the same final scene is repeated three times with different endings, with no reason but to be more filling in order to reach the 45-minute mark.
  7. Hinako falls out of bed very often, and when she falls, the floor makes such a loud noise that it is impossible for the viewer to regain sleep.
  8. Hinako may scare the audience when they are already asleep in boredom, approaching threateningly to the camera and screaming when awake or dreaming.
  9. Completely meaningless moments: the second time Hinako falls from the bed, she, with her eyes slightly closed, crawls up and begins to kiss the viewer and falls back to sleep, becoming T-shaped and falling back into bed. There is another bizarre moment where Hinako begins to quarrel with the viewer for some reason. She then starts flipping her index finger toward her bed.
  10. Every time Hinako changes position, the camera shifts to a view of her desk as if she were feigning something to her.
  11. The alarm clock above the window has no pointer, and the numbers are the wrong way, which shows the laziness of the animators.
  12. False advertising: The movie is not really the "first virtual companion" considering things such as the infamous Bonzi Buddy.
  13. In one of her dreams, Hinako is doing crunches on the floor of her house, until her tiny blouse almost drops and she wakes up in the middle of the night, ashamed.
  14. Hinako breathing will not let you sleep until halfway through the film.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Nice animation, although below standard.
  2. Despite being unintentionally scary, Hinako is a very nice and cute character.
  3. A few funny moments here and there.
  4. The background music isn't bad.




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