Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare

Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare (released in the UK as The Edge of Hell) is a 1987 Canadian direct-to-video horror film produced by Thunder. The film stars Jon Mikl Thor (who was also the writer, producer and composed the music), Jillian Peri, Frank Dietz, David Lane and Teresa Simpson, and directed by John Fasano.

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Hoping to record some new music, the band Triton travels to an isolated farmhouse in Canada, unaware that it is inhabited by murderous demons. Along for the trip are some of the band members' significant others, John's girlfriend Randy, Roger's new wife Mary, and Stig's girlfriend Lou Anne. Although some are disappointed at the lack of a television and other distractions, the band quickly begins to record new songs. The demons are also busy, as they begin secretly murdering and possessing the group's souls one by one, until only John is left.

Frustrated with the lack of success with claiming John's soul, Beelzebub appears in front of John, who reveals himself to be none other than the archangel known as the Intercessor. He also reveals that none of the other people at the house existed, as they were only shadows meant to trick Beelzebub into appearing. The two begin a fight to the death, which the Intercessor wins. As the movie comes to a close, it shows a suburban home in a seemingly normal neighborhood as foreboding music begins to play, implying that home is also demon ridden.

Why It's a Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare with No Solutions

  1. Terrible plot with pointless scenes and awful dialogue.
  2. Cheesy acting.
  3. Scenes of the band performing which don't add anything at all to the plot.
  4. Shots that go for too long and just pad out the film.
  5. Stig (played by Jim Cirile) has a terrible Australian accent. When he's possessed by the monster, he drops it completely, so him being Australian serves no purpose for the plot at all.
  6. The monsters are laughable and their costumes look more like party outfits.
  7. The kills by the monsters happen off-screen.
  8. Obvious Coca-Cola product placement.
  9. At the end of the film, John Triton (played by Jon Mikl Thor) tells the demon that he had imagined all of his friends so the monsters had basically killed and possessed no-one, just to annoy him. That makes no sense at all!


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