Regal Edwards Corona Crossings shooting

Around July of 2021, there was a shooting that occurred in the Regal Edwards Corona Crossings cinema located in California. The shooting occurred when two victims named Rylee Goodrich and TikTok star Antony Barajas were at the theatre watching The Forever Purge. When the film was over, both people were discovered while the employees were cleaning up. There were talks about what was going on during the film and no one heard a gunshot according to Kailyn Dillon. Here's the catch, there have been reports that confirm the death of Rylee with Antony being injured during the shooting. Investigators are trying to figure out if a random shooter escaped the theater, or if the man or woman was responsible for the gunfire in a murder-suicide. The police later asked anyone who has more information about the shooting can contact the Corona police Senior Detective Dan Neagu by phone or email.



It turns out that the suspect is Joseph Jimenez who got arrested for the shooting due to the police having evidence of the firearm that matched the caliber of the weapon used in the killing and other evidence at his home. In the aftermath of the murder, a GoFundMe created for Goodrich's funeral expenses had raised more than $23,000 Wednesday afternoon. Another GoFundMe for Barajas raised more than $28,000 for medical expenses.