Open Season: Scared Silly

Open Season: Scared Silly
Why would you make a sequel to the franchise finale that already felt like a decent end?
Genre: Animated comedy
Directed By: David Feiss
Written By: Carlos Kotkin
Photography: Color
Distributed By: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Release Date: March 8, 2016
Runtime: 84 minutes
Country: United States
Prequel: Open Season 3

Open Season: Scared Silly is a 2015 American-Canadian computer-animated comedy film produced by Sony Pictures Animation, with animation provided by Rainmaker Entertainment. Being the fourth installment in the Open Season franchise, it is a sequel to Open Season 3.


When an unknown creature gets mistaken for a werewolf, former hunter Shaw reopens open season. With the animals of Timberline National Forest being at risk, Boog, Elliot, and Mr. Weenie set out to uncover the mystery of the werewolf, and get open season closed.

Why It Sucks

  1. The film is completely unnecessary, as the third one already felt like a decent ending to the franchise.
  2. On the topic of this, this movie ignores everything that happened in the previous film and acts as if it didn't happen at all.
  3. This film relies way too much on toilet humor, grossout & butt jokes.
    • There's even a scene where Elliot eats McSquizzy's poop, which is coprophagia and is even considered an act of coprophilia. Later on, we see Shaw doing the same thing!
    • Speaking of Elliot's poop eating scenes, they get carried away with expanding his stupidity to the point when he gets excruciating for the viewers.
  4. Speaking of the humor, its very disconnected from the original movies even if they were meant to be average crap jokes (The ducks & Mr. Weenie laying eggs out of fear).
  5. Elliot is extremely unlikable, as he continuously puts Boog in constant danger & is endlessly suffering around his sheer stupidity just so Boog doesn't have to be scared of the werewolf that was told in his "scary story", to then manipulating everyone into his fake stories & some characters from the franchise expand their folly with inconsistency when looking for this mythical character. This Elliot became a shallow representation of his former self; Elliot was a gullible, funny & bumbling but supportive, somewhat smart & pleasant Deer in the first 3 movies, this was another case of Flanderization
  6. Speaking of the werewolf, the name "Wailing Wumpus Werewolf" (try saying that one 10 times fast) is laughably stupid, you can hardly be scared of it.
  7. On that topic, the werewolf isn't really a intimidating character when you look at him & his realistic interaction after Elliot's story (So his name & appearance goes against his scary intentions cause he rather seems as a goofy & calm character as contradictory) which adds even more filler
  8. This film seems more like an answer to the question "what do the Open Season characters do when they have nothing else to do?" In other words, it seems filler.
  9. Almost none of the voice actors from the previous films reprise their roles in this sequel and only has voice actors from Canada, the only exception being Melissa Sturm and Michelle Murdocca, who reprise their roles as Giselle and Maria, respectively.
  10. The ending is just another generic "Everybody dance!" ending.
  11. Speaking of Canadian people, The new human models are horrifyingly ugly {which can offend actual Canadians considering the trope of racial stereotypes}. Somehow, the humans are way more ugly than this wolf Sony tried to make him seem spooky. In fact, Ed and Edna look like AardmanGMW Rejects.
  12. The concept of Mr. Weenie's subplot (him thinking he could be turning into a werewolf himself after a misunderstanding) sounds like an interesting story, but unfortunately nothing much is done with it aside from a couple jokes and a random song number.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Boog (depending on your view), Giselle, and Mr. Weenie are likable & tolerable characters.
  2. The action scenes are pretty entertaining.
  3. Good voice acting.
  4. It has a stronger connection to the first two films.
  5. Some jokes are actually decent.
  6. The animation is a good step up from the first three films. (Which is impressive considering that this is a Direct to DVD sequel)
  7. Shaw, Beth and Gordy from the first film are finally back in this film.
  8. The new ugly humans Ed & Edna mentioned on #11 that interact with Shaw are harmlessly pleasant by voice & personality. Their interaction can be smile-worthy & kinda interesting to watch, especially for the fact that Shaw had never had any actual connections or friendships with any hunter from the entire franchise, in the first movie, they're just hunter stereotypes.





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I only like the first two and maybe three films, but why the hell do we need this movie

Typhlosion Trainer

4 days ago
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"There's even a scene where Elliot eats McSquizzy's poop, which is coprophagia..."

Let me guess, the writers seen Eight Crazy Nights


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