My Ghost Dog (1997)

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My Ghost Dog, later released on video as My Magic Dog, is a 1997 TV family comedy movie produced by DonKey Productions and Royal Oaks Entertainment Inc. The film stars Leo Milbrook, Bryan Mendez, Russ Tamblyn, Jessica Knoblauch and Kate Doughan, written by Hamilton Underwood, and directed by John Putch.


An invisible pooch comes to a lonely young heir's rescue by preventing the lad's impossibly greedy aunt from bilking him out of his fortune.

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible story.
  2. Terrible dialogue.
  3. Mediocre or over the top acting.
  4. Humor that makes you constantly cringe.
  5. For a movie about a dead magic ghost dog, there's more focus on the dad's dating life than on the dog.
  6. Your typical "My mom died so it's just me and my dad and our evil aunt" kids movie.
  7. The lack of subtlety that magic will somehow play a role in this movie is shown in the first few minutes.
  8. The beginning of the movie has the dad and son finding the mom's will to know the dad has custody of the kid, two years after she died. You'd think they would've found it soon after she died?
  9. Aunt Violet (Kate Doughan) is your stereotypical rich evil aunt with an evil motive.
  10. Stereotypical 90's bullies who get triggered the moment the kid does something "weird".
  11. Predictability of the single dad meeting the female neighbor who are soon destined to later hook up trope.
  12. You know the dad's blind dates won't work out because they're all two-dimensional crazy caricatures.
  13. The ghost dog's voice is dopey and just comes off as dumb.
  14. You'd think, out of all the things in the world that needs solving like world peace and people starving in third world countries, the eminent powers that be instead decide to bring this kid's dead dog back as a ghost ... with a dopey voice.


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