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== Comments ==
== Comments ==
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[[Category:Awful Events in Cinematic History]]
[[Category:Awful Events in Cinematic History]]

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An example of the image depicting pirated DVDs in the vendor across the street.

Movie piracy is the act of illegally copying a movie onto another format and distributing it.

It has existed since the days of the silent movie, but only grew in the 1980s, when camcorders became commonplace. It grew even further in the 2000s, due to tapeless camcorders being silent and the Internet being in the majority of homes by then.

Why It Sucks

  1. Many early rips (often called cam rips) are poor quality, often having sound from the audience and autofocus issues.
  2. It causes many studios to lose money, thus leading to negative effects on the studio, in some cases, it may cause the studios to go bankrupt.
  3. Searching for movies on sites like The Pirate Bay or 123Movies can be tedious, as there are constant virus and porn popups. Even using an adblocker may not work.
  4. Some files even have actual viruses in them.
  5. Many rips of DVDs or Blu-rays do not have the extra features or foreign audio tracks in the official releases.
  6. If you buy one, you are supporting criminals.
    • Not only do criminals do it, some people in impoverished areas do it too, only to make a quick buck, and the impoverished people fail to realize that it’s a crime.
      • Just to add on, there’s also impoverished criminals. (Criminals who are poor, and aren’t rich)

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Rips from home media (especially Blu-rays) are quite good and indistinguishable from the original.
  2. They are the only way to get fanedits, such as Harmy's Despecialized Editions of the original Star Wars trilogy. If you own an official release of the original media, then it is safe.
  3. They are the only way to watch movies banned in strict countries like China.
  4. Many of these bootlegs might have cut content in them, notably in some cams and TS usually have shorts before the beginning of the movie and unused company logos, and some of them are longer versions of the movie.

How to spot a bootleg

These are the signs of a bootleg movie on DVD:

  • The cover is of poor quality, with low quality images.
  • The description has several typos or text that has nothing to do with the film in question.
  • The cover is made out of regular printer paper.
  • The disc's colour is purple (or gold sometimes), the colour of almost all DVD-Rs.
  • The DVD label is either a white disc with Sharpie writing on it or a printed label that is more faded than an official label.
  • While watching a bootleg movie on a DVD, there are noticeable things you will notice:
  • Shadows of people are noticeable
  • The video/audio quality are terrible on some bootlegs, the audio is usually poor quality with tons of fan noise, the video quality on the other hand is usually off-center on some bootlegs.
  • Some bootlegs have audience applause and laughing in the audio.




7 months ago
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They mostly come from places that are impoverished. (Especially those in China, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, or even some African nations)


7 months ago
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Not just impoverished people, but criminals too. (Some criminals are also impoverished)

Esaïe the man

one month ago
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even some movie studios are doing it

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