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Lokas is a Mexican-Chilean drama comedy movie directed by Gonzalo Justiniano, which premiered in April 3rd, 2008.


Charly (Rodrigo Bastidas) and his son Pedro (Raimundo Bastidas) are two Chilean immigrants that live in México. After being declared guilty of a scam and going to prison for a time, Charly discovers that everybody has closed his doors in giving him a job. So thanks to a recommendation of his mom, he decides to return to Chile to live with Mario (Coco Legrand) his father, which he lost communication.

Mario is a homosexual old man, who lives with his pair and has a modest life; this represents a great conflict to Charly, who since he has memory he's homophobic. Despite everything, Charly has to rely on his dad so he and Pedro can get a home and also he can get a job.

Much for Charly's disappointment, he discovers that his job, is working in a gay bar, which only admits homosexual people, so Charly has to make everybody think he's homosexual in order to work there. Living this other life he'll learn to understand the mistreats the homosexual receive and he starts to understand his dad better, finally seeing him as his dad and understand his lifestyle.

Charly also knows Liliana (Fabiola Campomanes), a beautiful woman he fell in love, but his double identity will put him in predicaments.


  • Alejandro Javier González Legrand a.k.a Coco Legrand as Mario.
  • Rodrigo Bastidas as Charly.
  • Raimundo Bastidas as Pedro.
  • Fabiola Campomanes as Liliana.
  • Rodrigo Murray as Flavio.
  • Gabriel Prieto as "Mireya".
  • Eliana Vidiella as The Grandma
  • Juan Pablo Sáez as Julián.

Why It Sucks

  1. Homosexual Stereotypes. Despite this movie tries to give the message of: "understanding the homosexual people" they use them, like in Pink: El Rosa No Es Como Lo Pintan. You know: homosexual men act like women and lesbian women act very manly.
  2. All the recluses are homosexual, which gives a bad message.
  3. Boring plot and characters.
  4. Plot Holes. The most notorious is the scam, how Charly got involved in the scam and why he's sent to prison at the beginning of the film? They never bother to tell you, as the movie continues.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Charly understanding his father Mario and finally accepting him is a very good scene.