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* [[Chicken Little|''Chicken Little'']]
* [[Chicken Little|''Chicken Little'']]
* ''[[Trolland]]''
* ''[[Trolland]]''
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[[Category:Awful events in cinematic history]]
[[Category:Awful events in cinematic history]]

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"You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway."

Walt Disney

"It's made for kids" is an excuse used to dismiss criticism towards movies made specifically for younger audiences.

There are also articles on this topic on the Crappy Games and Terrible TV Shows wikis.


It is well-known that kids are easier to entertain by simple things that grown-ups may find stupid or poorly-executed. Likewise, kids are unlikely to understand and/or appreciate more highly-complicated and mature films (like Deadpool). Because of that, shows targeted at younger audiences tend to be simpler than shows targeted at an older audience, but that doesn't mean that shows aimed at kids should be too simplistic, realistic, and basic.

Often when kids movies are criticized for either poor quality, bad morals, cheap comedy, lazy animation, lacking any real substance and logic, etc, some people might say that "It's made for kids" as an excuse for doing so. Saying that it's made for kids shouldn't be a good enough excuse for making poor-quality, effortless, and excessively kid-friendly movies that grown-ups will find stupid or poorly-executed. This excuse also treats kids like unintelligent beings with no real taste, which isn't true.

On the other hand, some older people dismiss shows targeted at young audiences as "kiddie movies." Just because it's made for kids doesn't mean older people aren't allowed to watch them or won't find challenge and substance in them. If the movie is well made, anyone can enjoy it.

Even if a movie is aimed at kids, the adults may also be interested in it too (the movie would be rated either G-rated or PG-rated - not just kids, but adults too). There are many movies aimed at younger audiences that can also be enjoyed by grown-ups, such as The Incredibles, Shrek, and The Lego Movie; the aforementioned shows are made for kids, but have enough substance and real effort put in to be entertaining for adults and don't pander towards kids (either younger or in their pre-teen years).

There is no excuse for making a poorly-made kids movie.

Why This Excuse Sucks

  1. This is just a way for critics and parents to dismiss criticism towards people who criticize awful kids movies.
  2. Many adults harbor a love for kid's movies as well, especially cartoons from the 80s and 90s. By pointing out the flaws in awful kids movies, that can leave improvement and ensure that more kids movies can be made to be enjoyed by adults as well.
  3. Would you buy a faulty crib just because "it's made for kids?" Would you buy a broken baby seat just because "it's made for kids?" Would you buy a drink mix with tons of toxic chemicals just because "it's made for kids?"
  4. It's possible for kids to like movies that aren't made for kids.
  5. The whole excuse also treats kid like idiots with no real taste for good quality movies and will put no logic, unintelligent jokes, bad morals, and no effort into there poorly made movies showing that creators of awful movies don't care for kids curiousity.

How to Make a Good Kids Movie

  1. A pleasing colorful art style and character design that is easy on the eye but not too "cartoonish", "basic", "realistic", or "simplistic".
    • Humanoid/anthropomorphic animals, talking vehicles and trains, and fantasy creatures are usually a good pick for this.
  2. A premise or plot that isn't too complicated, but not too simplistic either.
    • The writing should also be either sharp, well-timed, or just paced decently for all viewers to follow and see how competent the story and everything around it is, not dumbing everything down.
    • Kids and/or viewers should be able to watch the film and enjoy their time observing what's on-screen or just catch the viewers' interest with what's going on in the film without having anything essentially annoying, tedious or boring.
  3. Littles or no swearing and/or sexual content and minimal blood. Mild cartoon violence is fine, especially if the characters in the show are non-humans or the violence is used as "slapstick".
    • However, this can be somewhat averted if the film is aimed at both kids and adults.
  4. Educational value, especially in films rated G.
  5. Immersive characters that serve as good role models as protagonists or real challenges as antagonists.

Examples of Good Kids Movies

Examples of Kids Movies with this Excuse


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