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Invisible Dad is a 1997 family comedy produced by Royal Oaks Entertainment Inc. and Unapix Entertainment Productions. The film stars William Meyers, Daran Norris, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Karen Black and Steve Scionti, written by Steve Latshaw, and directed by Fred Olen Ray.

Why it Sucks

  1. Cheesy dialogue.
  2. Weird supporting characters.
  3. Low budget effects.
  4. The main kid Doug Baily (William Meyers) has a machine that can wish for anything he wants. Despite being a computer programmer, he's not the brightest when it comes to wishing for things that will work.
  5. Exposition on Doug and his dad's life drawn out at the beginning.
  6. Your typical "Mom's dead, just me and my dad but he's hardly around due to his job" type of family film.
  7. Boring subplot about one of the dad's co-workers, Duncan Gilbert (Steve Scionti), at the construction firm trying to use sub-standard building materials and stealing his plans. Because kids love tales about corporate espionage.
  8. When we first meet Doug's teacher, his narration immediately mentions she's single, making it predictable that her and the dad will hook-up.


  • Fred Olen Ray previously directed the 1996 family comedy Invisible Mom, also produced by Royal Oaks Entertainment Inc., and its 1999 sequel Invisible Mom II.


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