Huevos: Little Rooster's Egg-cellent Adventure

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Huevos: Little Rooster's Egg-cellent Adventure (Un Gallo con muchos huevos) is a 2015 animated adventure comedy and is the third installment of the "Huevos" series. The film stars Zachary Gordon, Amber Montana, Jon Heder, Keith David and Alyson Stoner.


When their farm is going to be sold, a meek rooster named Rollo (Zachary Gordon) and his friends must get money to save the farm by entering a boxing match.

Why It Sucks

Note: this will mostly focus on the English dub version.

  1. This movie is the only Huevos movie that was dubbed in English making it feel like the other two don't exist and this is the first movie, which is not the case.
  2. Poor voice acting which mostly consist of re-used voice overs.
  3. Pointless scenes of two rats on the desert road talking about chicken, which contributes nothing other than being unnecessary filler and makes one of the worst plot holes of the movie.
  4. Cheesy written songs.
  5. It overuses references to some great movies.
  6. The film makes the humans have huge eyes, small noses and not stop talking.
  7. Nightmarish Designs
  8. Dee and Micky are stupid and annoying characters and they don't appear in the first two movies.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation was decently made.
  2. Decent voice acting performance by Amber Montana as Dee, Keith David as Don Alfonso and Jon Heder as Micky Mallard.