Holnap történt - A nagy bulvárfilm

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Holnap történt - A nagy bulvárfilm
Genre: Thiller
Starring: Anett Fehér
Tamás Gerencsér
József Ihos
Photography: Color
Release Date: February 4, 2009
Runtime: 82 Minutes
Country: Hungary

Holnap történt - A Nagy bulvárfilm(can be translated as It's Happened Tomorrow - The Great Yellow Press Picture) is a Hungarian thriller/comedy directed by Tamás Gerencsér, starring various Hungarian celebrity of the time. Among the atrocious "A Fox's Tale" and the laughable "Pledge This", this movie considered to be one of the biggest disgraces of Hungarian cinema history, being the worst received of the three.


The ambitious journalist and his young partner start an intensive investigation in the case of the famous pop diva's death. Nobody and nothing are like what it looks of course. Love, intrigue, jealousy and suspicion, that divertonto everybody . The two journalists throw themselves into the investigation and meanwhile they get near to the solution of the riddle, somebody wants to hinder them though.

Why It Sucks

  1. The biggest crime of the movie is the casting. All of the roles played by celebrities instead of regular actors. (For example Anett Fehér (TV person, infamous for hosting the controversial late-night show "Forró Drót"), Győző "Győzike" Gáspár (Reality show star), Pákó Fekete (Singer), Tünde Kissel (TV host).) The main problem that NONE OF THEM has any experience in acting and that's shows in the movie.
  2. Even the beloved comedian József Ihos (playing a Russian Mafia boss) cannot do the acting right, and his playing considered to be the worst of all.
  3. Terrible promotion. All of the promotional images are random unapeealing shots from the movie itself. You can check them here
  4. The director said that the movie cost 2 to 200 million to make. It's truly a lie (see the next paragraph).
  5. In one scene a police car (drove by Győző Gáspár) "derails" from the road. All they did to simulate the accident was turning a camera 45 degrees.
  6. There are many gunshots in the movie, but all of them lacks of muzzle flash, making them obviously fake.
  7. Terrible action scenes, all the main character does is running in a slow tempo from gunfire.
  8. Terrible and cheesy soundtrack.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The title is honest at least, the cast is made of people known from celebrity media.


The movie has a straight 1.0 star rating on IMDB after 790 votes making it one of the worst rated movie on the site. Since it's hasn't meet the 1000th vote yet it's not included in the Bottom 100 list.