Hell's Bells

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Hell's Bells
Hells bells 1.jpg
Rock: It's Your Decision, but it's in documentary form.

Hell's Bells (full title: Hell's Bells: The Dangers of Rock 'N' Roll) is a 1989 Christian "documentary" film by Reel to Real Ministries.

A sequel, titled Hell's Bells 2, was released in 2004.


A look at how rock supposedly corrupts youth into turning to Satan.

Why It Sucks

  1. Excessively long for a single documentary film, at nearly 3 hours long, the length rivals Leaving Neverland. The sequel is even longer, at 6 and a half hours.
  2. Tons of unlicensed clips from music videos and movies, the licensing costs of which would sink many Hollywood blockbusters. This makes the FBI anti-piracy warning at the beginning pointless.
  3. Stupid tests: for example, rock music can hard boil an egg.
  4. The film uses many false claims, for example it claims that rock music was the sole reason for an increase in violent activity in the past 30 years, Madonna was an ex-porn star and that John Lennon hung a life-size effigy of Jesus Christ and pelted condoms on nuns.
  5. The host, Eric Holmberg, claims he's a former rock musician, yet there is no evidence of him being one.
  6. Much like another Christian film, Rock: It's Your Decision, it's incredibly preachy and claims rock music is the work of Satan.
  7. The sequel is exactly the same as the original, only at a slower pace.
  8. Never mentions Christian rock music.
  9. The film misses the point on why rock stars act like they do: they don't follow a Satanic ritual, they just want to attract the attention of many.
  10. It feels incredibly dated, especially since the scare has died out for years and only the preachiest of Christians do it.
  11. The statement that they do not advocate for censorship is hypocritical as after that, the movie bashes you for listening to anything but "pure music".


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