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Gaiam Americas

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They should have stuck to yoga classes instead.

Gaiam Americas, Inc. is an American yoga and meditation company founded in 1988. In 2011 the company released three animated films that ripped off other movies. In 2012 Gaiam acquired Vivendi Visual Entertainment, forming Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment. In 2013, Gaiam sold its film library to Cinedigm. In 2016, Gaiam changed its name to Gaia.


  1. Tappy Toes
  2. Chop Kick Panda
  3. Puss in Boots: A Furry Tail

Why Their Movies Suck

  1. Their movies cash in on the success of Warner Bros. and DreamWorks movies.
  2. Sometimes, the characters in their movies are downright annoying.
  3. Chop Kick Panda's protagonist, Lu, is annoying and a bad taekwondo teacher, and he sometimes is stupid for his actions.
  4. Tappy Toes is very pointless and nonsensical as the skuas care for a baby penguin. In reality, they eat or try to eat the young penguin and the walruses/sea lions are scared just because of foot tapping even though they do not live in Antarctica, and Pingo wants to fly, but penguins are flightless.
  5. The villains in their films are pointless.
  6. There was a disclaimer even though it is a cartoon on Tappy Toes, not live-action, which is completely pointless and unnecessary.
  7. The main villains are all taking place on a throne in all of their movies.
  8. Speaking of, many of their plots are formulaic as it boils down to the villains being set on a throne and they send the secondary antagonists before the protagonist saves the day.
  9. Several of their DVD covers contain false advertising as those movies make it seem as if those movies were animated in 3D, but the films themselves are all flash-animated.
  10. It even collaborated with Vídeo Brinquedo to make a product of four consisting of one of the movies Vídeo Brinquedo made and all 3 of the movies from their own.
  11. A lot of plotholes and filler in all of the movies.
  12. Awful voice acting, except in Chop Kick Panda.
  13. Cringeworthy and rancid dialogue.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The animation is good (expect in Puss in Boots: A Furry Tail) despite the movies being bad. It should be noted that the films were animated by Renegade Animation, who also worked on Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.


  1. They eventually stopped making movies and went to product making.
    • After they stopped making movies, they are now making exercise, meditation, yoga products, and how-to DVDs.