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Fred 3: Camp Fred

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Fred 3: Camp Fred
Fred 3 DVD cover.jpg
"We're the best at being the worst!" - Fred Figglehorn
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Jonathan Judge
Produced By: Don Dunn
Written By: Drew Hancock
Starring: Lucas Cruikshank
John Cena
Tom Arnold
Photography: Color
Cinematography: Brandon Mastrippolito
Distributed By: Nickelodeon (TV Premiere)
Release Date: July 28, 2012
Runtime: 70 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Prequel: Fred 2: Night of The Living Fred

Fred 3: Camp Fred (stylized FЯED 3 CAMP FЯED) is a 2012 television comedy film directed by Jonathan Judge. It is the third & final film in the Fred trilogy, following Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred. Released on July 28, 2012, the film stars Lucas Cruikshank, Tom Arnold, Jake Weary, and John Cena.


School's out and Fred Figglehorn’s dream of water slides, horseback riding, and monkey butlers during the summer turns into a nightmare of gruel and poisonous berries when his mom signs him up to an unsanitary camp.

Why It's The Best At Being The Worst

  1. Like the previous sequel, this film doesn't even improve anything from the previous films, as a matter of fact, it repeats all of the same flaws with the previous two movies and somehow makes them even worse than they were before.
  2. The plot is pretty much just another generic camp movie that's been done to death in films like Camp Cool Kids, Magic Camp, Daddy Day Camp and Camp Nowhere and has also been done in much better films like Once I Was a Beehive. Not to mention how this is a summer camp film that also happens to be the third installment in the Fred movie series.
  3. Once again, Fred is an annoying and unlikeable character.
    • There are some other unlikable characters as well:
    • Bertha goes back to being the bland "stereotypical emo girl" she was from the first movie.
    • Kevin is still the same unlikeable bully to Fred who goes to the same summer camp Fred goes to.
  4. As usual, Fred’s voice, especially when he's screaming, is extremely ear-grazing.
  5. The film's promotional poster is less lazier than the first two films with Fred having his thumbs up and showing his "Iwannapeepee" shirt, while some camp counselor is holding a trophy and Fred's "dad" looking expressionless. Though this poster is a bit better than the last two.
  6. The musical numbers are mind-numbingly cheesy as well as out of place and irrelevant.
  7. The writing and jokes are lazy, painfully unfunny, and immature.
    • There are many adult jokes that are not even subtle and are actually way too inappropriate for a children's movie, a few examples include one of the teachers being named "Mr. Spunkmier" and the teacher claiming that the games have been going on for 69 years.
    • An overbundance of burp and fart jokes are even present here too, including one scene where the kids had to let out the biggest burp in order to win the games.
  8. The acting is awful, consisting of either people over-compensated or looking and sounding embarrassed.
  9. The directing and writing is somehow even more lazier, juvenile and stupider than the previous two movies.
  10. "Camp Iwannapeepee" is an absolutely horrible and disgusting name for a camp. According to the film, it means "blessed ray of sunshine". Which basically means that whenever the characters say "Iwannapeepee on you, Iwannapeepee on you, Iwannapeepee on all of you", they really mean "blessed ray of sunshine on you, blessed ray of sunshine on you, blessed ray of sunshine of all of you", but it doesn't erase how inappropriate and stupid it all sounds. Also, why would any parent send their kid to a camp literally called "Camp Iwannapeepee"? and what person could name a camp, "Iwannapeepee" like this?
  11. The dream sequences are very weird and gross, including the one where he escapes but gets caught by the SWAT team, the dream-within-a-dream scene where his voice is mispitched, and the one where they cannibalize him.
  12. Multiple scenes have Fred suddenly jumping around the screen for no reason while he is talking.
  13. The music is boring and unoriginal just the first two films.
  14. False advertising: Despite the cover showing John Cena, he only appears for a short period of time in the movie.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There is one funny self-aware joke where Fred wakes up from a dream-within-a-dream and tells his mother that he sent him to the worst summer camp ever and he had "this weird chipmunked voice that got really annoying after a while", which was a nice jab at the character of Fred himself despite the scene using the clichéd "it was all a dream" trope.
  2. The special effects are surprisingly good.


Just like the last two Fred movies, this film also received negative reviews, however, this one received even more negativity towards critics and audiences and is usually considered to be the absolute worst in the Fred trilogy. On IMDb, the film has an average rating of 2/10.


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