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Fred 2: Night of The Living Fred

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Fred 2: Night of The Living Fred
Fred 2- Night of the Living Fred FilmPoster.jpeg
An unfrighteningly unfunny movie since The Haunted Mansion.
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: John Fortenberry
Written By: David A. Goodman
Starring: Lucas Cruikshank
John Cena
Ariel Winter
Danielle Monet
Photography: Color
Cinematography: Mathew Rudenberg
Distributed By: Nickelodeon (TV Premiere)
Release Date: October 22, 2011
Runtime: 72 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Prequel: Fred: The Movie
Sequel: Fred 3: Camp Fred

Fred 2: Night of The Living Fred is a 2011 made-for-television comedy film that is a sequel to the 2010 film Fred: The Movie, based on the YouTube series, Fred by Lucas Cruikshank. It was directed by John Fortenberry and written by David A. Goodman. It premiered on Nickelodeon on October 22, 2011.


Fred becomes suspicious that his new next-door neighbor and music teacher is actually a vampire, so he sets out to prove his theory.

Why It Lived Dead

  1. The film barely improves anything from the first film, making it a carbon-copy of the first with a Halloween polish.
  2. This story is just another generic "horror prank" movie, where Fred believes his music teacher and neighbor, Mr. Devilin is a vampire and wants to expose him that doesn't happen.
  3. Over 80% of the film's characters are awfully written along with the returning ones (Fred, Kevin, and their mothers):
    • Once again, Fred is still an annoying and unlikeable character.
    • Kevin is still an unlikeable bully to Fred and is shown that he bullied him on Halloween as a child.
    • Talia, Kevin's sister, is a more bland rehash of Judy from the first film despite being aware of Kevin bullying Fred.
    • Fred's mother is still the same neglectful parent who dates with his music teacher, Mr. Devilin.
  4. Bad directing and writing from John Fortenberry and David A. Goodman.
    • Very idiotic plot which rips off better movies such as Rear Window and Disturbia.
  5. Disturbing imagery, like Fred's manifestation of his music teacher (Mr. Devilin) being an alien, and Fred's flattened and drained body (which counts as a fake special effect).
  6. The recasting of Bertha, going from Jenette McCurdy to Danielle Monet (while understandable), is laughably noticable.
  7. Embarrassing pop-culture references like the teen vampire novel/film, Twilight.
  8. Once again, Fred's screaming is extremely ear-grating.
  9. There's an absurd amount of filler, such as a full on WWE match in the middle of the film.
  10. False advertising: The film's tagline as mentioned in the promotional poster (as pictured on the page) mentions the film as a "Frighteningly Funny Movie" which is an outright lie since the film itself is barely even funny.
  11. Overuse of toilet humour, especially the intro scene where a young kid literally pees in Fred's face.
  12. The scene where Fred confronts his music teacher in a school auditorium and his theory turns out to be correct and everyone including his mom, cheers for him, just turned out to be another one of his pointless imagination sequences was just insulting.
  13. Awful acting, especially from Lucas Cruikshank himself.
  14. The ending where it is revealed that Mr. Devlin might be a vampire was just cheap and is never found out.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It's a minor improvement from the predecessor.
  2. Bertha and John Cena (Fred's imaginary father) are tolerable characters in this movie.
  3. Ariel Winter gives an okay performance as Talia.
  4. Fred thankfully was able to scare Kevin when he thought he was kidnapping her sister.
  5. At least it had a plot, unlike the first film.



Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred received negative reviews but not as negative as the first one. On IMDb, the film has an average rating of 2.3/10.

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