Finding Jesus

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Finding Jesus
Finding Jesus.jpg
After watching this movie, we all sought out to find Jesus.
Genre: Religous
Distributed By: WowNow Entertainment
Release Date: November 10, 2020

Finding Jesus is a religious animated movie made by WowNow Entertainment.


Two fish Muggles and Joy travel the ocean learning all about Bible lessons.

Why It Sucks

  1. It's another one of the at least 20 shameless rip-offs of Finding Nemo. Hasn't it suffered enough?
    • What makes it even worse is that it's Christian, meaning that WowNow is attempting to get money by roping in Christians, believing that regardless of it being a rip-off, they'll buy it.
  2. Misleading title: the premise has nothing to do with finding Jesus.
  3. Abysmal voice acting.
  4. Mediocre animation (depending on your view).
    • The character designs for Muggles and Joy are horrendous. Their eyes are so big.
      • All they can do is look left, right, up, down.
    • Poor lip syncing.
    • The pacing is too slow.
  5. Speaking of Muggles, how did WowNow possibly think they can get away with ripping off something from Harry Potter, and not expect J.K. Rowling to sue them. It's surprising it didn't happen yet.
  6. It doesn't seem like a movie. It feels like three or four cartoon episodes meshed into one. That's because every once in a while the narrator resets the story.
  7. Mr. Sushi is a racist creature. First off, he is an actual sushi, the food kind. Second of all, he has a Japanese accent. Pretty soon WowNow is also gonna be in some hot water with Japan.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The art style and backgrounds are decent. Take away the eyes and the character designs are pretty nice as well.


It had low ratings on IMDb, scoring a 2.8/10.




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I tried to watch this, but after two minutes I clicked out because I was losing brain cells.

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