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Fighting the Sky

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Fighting the Sky is a 2018 low budget independent science-fiction film produced by Conrad Studios. The film stars Angela Cole, Roger Conners, Jinette Faraj, Judith A. Faraj and Alison Headrick, directed and co-written by Conrad Faraj, and co-written by David Matthew Cummings.

Why it Sucks

  1. The acting is absolutely horrible. It's like a porn but without the adult content.
  2. Awful CGI and special effects.
  3. The rubber alien costumes comes off as hilarious, like from a 70s Sid and Marty Krofft children's show.
  4. Lack of any establishing shots.
  5. When the characters attempt to infiltrate the hospital, the comedy is so ridiculous that it feels jarring compared to the tone of the rest of the film.
  6. Hardly any character development. We don't know who these characters are except that they meet up and are looking for aliens.
  7. Terrible sound quality, it sounds like all of the dialogue was recorded using the camera's in-built microphone instead of a boom mic.
  8. Overuse of incidental music. It plays too frequently and even at times where it isn't necessary. At times it's too loud and plays over the dialogue.
  9. The same musical tracks are constantly used.
  10. Ava Williams (Alison Headrick) first appears speaking with an American accent but then later starts speaking in Australian. There's no reason for this and it's inconsistent.
  11. Scenes that just feature characters talking and screaming over each other.
  12. The state emergency warning on the radio is a terrible text to speech recording.
  13. Ava beats to death one of the aliens, but it happens off-screen as we just see the other characters watching.
  14. It just ends with Lorraine Gardner (Angela Cole) walking into the alien light and being transported to the 1960s.


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