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Face 2 Face

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Face 2 Face
Genre: Drama
Starring: Daniela Bobadilla
Daniel Amerman
Photography: Color
Release Date: October 6, 2016
Runtime: 88 minutes
Country: United States

Face 2 Face is a 2016 American teen drama independent film directed and written by Matthew Toronto, and co-written by his brother Aaron Toronto.

Why It Sucks

  1. This film is nothing but an obvious rip-off of Unfriended, only except it's not a horror movie, but a romance drama.
  2. The film likes to focus on Terrance and Madie when they're offline, which gets boring quickly.
  3. The teenagers act extremely awkward and uneasy, a common problem with a lot of teen films.
  4. At one point, Maddie says "WTF." No, not like "what the f*ck," but actually, she did say "WTF" in the acronym form.
  5. Maddie gets mad at Terrance all because Terrance doesn't want her to give him a porno. Yes, she gets mad at that.
    • Around that same time, Terrance just randomly admits he's gay, just the twist up the entire film.
  6. Despite Maddie getting upset at Terrance, she does something far worse: she decides to tell all of Terrance's friends on Facebook that Terrance is gay, despite that Terrance doesn't want everyone to know that.
  7. The ending. The horrifying, disgusting, terrible ending! To put it off this way, Maddie apologizes to Terrance about her actions and makes him watch her sleep. Her father then goes to her bedroom, gets on her bed, and then rapes her off-screen, and Maddie made Terrance watch it! Terrance then, goes to her house, and kidnaps her. However, it treats it like a happy ending, and then after the end credits, it shows a message saying one out of five women get raped by their parents, and that you should call a hotline if you have a friend who went through that. By that, this movie was a public service announcement for women rape!
    • Even worse, this movie wasn't about women rape in the first place. Literally, the entire premise was about cheating, friendship, and love, and it was all thrown out the window just to make way for women rape.
  8. Terrance doesn't get in trouble for stealing her grandmother's car, or even kidnapping Maddie.
  9. Overuse of "slut" and "whore" even in unnecessary situations.
  10. The editing on the computer is unrealistic. The movement towards the mouse pointer is slow and fake-looking. Terrance and Maddie are not using Skype, but rather a different video calling application that doesn't have a name.
  11. Terrance's mom is overprotective, so much to the point that she won't let Terrance drive, but yet stole her mom's car to give it to Terrance, but then again, he can't drive it, making the whole thing pointless and hypocritical.
  12. Terrance, until that godawful ending, stays in his room, only giving Maddie advice.
  13. Terrance manages to get a hold of Maddie online rather than just convincing her mom to let him drive to Michigan to see her. If that actually happened, none of this would've ever happened.
  14. Maddie's friends are unlikable. They always turn their back on her by having sex with her boyfriends and calling her an attention whore.


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