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F the Prom
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When will YouTubers learn that using high school prom as its main setting and social media references are already terrible ideas enough for a movie?
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Benny Fine
Produced By: Benny Fine
Rafi Fine
Written By: Benny Fine
Rafi Fine
Starring: Danielle Campbell
Joel Courtney
Madelaine Petsch
Cameron Palatas
Meg DeLacy
Distributed By: The Fine Brothers
Release Date: December 5, 2017
Runtime: 95 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English

F the Prom, also known as F*&% the Prom, is a 2017 American teen comedy film directed and produced by Benny Fine and written by him, Rafi Fine, and Molly Prather. The film stars Danielle Campbell, Joel Courtney, Madelaine Petsch, and Cameron Palatas, with Meg DeLacy, Nicholle Tom, Richard Karn, Jill Cimorelli, Luke Bilyk, Brendan Calton, Michael Chey, Adan Allende, Diamond White, Cheri Oteri and Ian Ziering in supporting roles. It was released online and on-demand on December 5, 2017.


Maddy and Cole were inseparable friends until high school started and Maddy became the most popular girl on campus. When Maddy finds herself suddenly single and heartbroken, she reconnects with Cole and the duo conspire to destroy the prom.

Why It Will Make You Say "F This Movie!"

  1. The themes of the movie are very unoriginal, a group of unpopular teenagers planning to get back at popular kids for being bullied by them. Not helping that it is unrealistic, too, since the Fine brothers, the writers of the film, were homeschooled during childhood.
    • Even the title is very unoriginal. The letter F in the title serves nothing but a short slang for "fuck".
  2. The premise is also very bland, as it is another one of those movies with the high school prom being the main focus.
  3. It copies elements from good high school movies like Mean Girls, American Pie, Revenge of the Nerds, Can't Hardly Wait and The Breakfast Club.
  4. Even just by watching the trailer, you can already know what the plot is about and how it ends.
  5. It doesn't seem to know how high school or popularity works in real life:
    • The movie presents high school as a popularity contest, but unlike something like the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the execution here is abysmal.
    • Being pantsed and humiliated in high school (which he was pantsed twice now).
    • Instead of having a lot of friends, popular kids are depicted as religious figures that other students worship to.
    • The unpopular kids are treated as outcasts, that even the teachers and the principal hates them.
    • While the prom is mostly the main plot point, but not wanting to go isn't supposed to be a big deal, because everyone has a choice to join or not.
  6. It's one of those unrealistic movies where the “losers” are actually attractive people who clearly know they’re attractive. Movies like Superbad actually got kids who weren’t conventionally attractive. They understood why a kid might be unpopular. This film tries to make us believe the kids who would obviously be popular are somehow hated and for dumb reasons.
  7. This film is a very mean-spirited and they made Cole into a harmless punching bag. For example, they bullied and called him "tighty" at Cole for wearing white briefs, which is very nonsensical since that, in reality, some boys can either wear boxers and briefs.
  8. The film is very out of touch, with the opening credits being just text effects with Emojis at the end.
  9. Atrocious acting, with none of the cast talking or acting like a real person.
  10. None of the characters are even close to being likable, as none of them are aware that their actions have consequences. Whereas be it caricatures or stereotypes rather than characters.
    • Worst example is Cole's father, who is nothing but an abusive, entitled, perverted jerk who is mostly aware and proud of what he is doing.
      • Not helping that it's mostly sex on his mind, and doesn't care if others feel uncomfortable by his misuse of words.
      • He's also a pathetic and narcissistic loser. He said he will change for the better if he were to become prom king, because one, prom king is more of a gimmick in the event and would hardly touch upon your reputation and success in the future, and two, even if he were to become one, it still doesn't excuse his disgusting and terrible behavior as a person. Not to mention, the reason why his wife left him.
    • As said earlier, most of the popular kids are portrayed as cliched, entitled pricks with no reason to torment others.
    • Principal Statzill mocks the unpopular kids while calling the students "sexy" in a creepy way, and allowing statutory rape in the school. Which makes you wonder how she got the job as principal? Also, she is beyond annoying to the point where it makes you want to rip your ears off.
    • Kane, one of the popular kids, has no respect for anyone, doesn't feel guilty that he cheated on his girlfriend Maddie, and somehow is seen as an idol by everyone else. And to top it off, he gets redemption at the end with no explanation. Like, he didn't even apologize to the people he's bullied, or to his ex-girlfriend for cheating on her.
  11. Showing and telling: the movie keeps having characters explaining about the their own flaws and not having them do the stuff they have done in that respective flaw, which is also another way of releasing exposition.
  12. It's an awful looking film, there's almost no bright in the colors and most of the film is displayed in a dark tone color palette.
  13. The editing feels amateur and lazy. The flashbacks are just recycled clips from the beginning of the film, but with an orange hue, which again, looks ugly.
  14. The soundtrack is literally just stock music from YouTube.
  15. Several pointless scenes that serve nothing other than to pad out the runtime.
  16. Pointless and cringey references to Fullmetal Alchemist and Guardians of the Galaxy to appear hip with its target audience.
  17. Laughable dialogue, including the memes that were relevant back in the 2000's:
    • "What's up, BROOOO!"
    • "On fleek."
    • "U mad bro?"
    • "You're a selfie virgin? A sergin?"
    • "We didn't shoot up the school, none of us committed suicide. And here we are with these newfound of communication, not to bring us together, but to rip each other apart! What is up with that?"
  18. Cruel and disturbing jokes, with Cole's father infamously ordering his own son to stop trying to peek at Maddies's nipples, when she is supposed to be around fourteen or fifteen years old; thus, the joke is considered pedophilia.
    • In another scene, Statzill is okay with students raping each other as long as they don't get caught. This joke aged more poorly when you realize this film was released the same year as the #MeToo movement.
    • One homophobic joke is where the basketball team, including the teacher, are backing away from the gay kid.
  19. When the jokes aren't offensive, it tries to add some dead space or corny one liners that doesn't seem humorous.
  20. Director Benny Fine wanted to add drama to the film he claimed that "no comedy has done before", but instead tries too hard to be emotional, the movie expects the audience to believe what the characters' actions are in the right, except it makes them much more unlikable than they already are.
    • With Maddie and Cole having a fight about her problems during her years of high school, when it is just about Maddie betraying Cole and his friends, and going back to her ex-boyfriend, who is nothing but a bully and an asshole. How do we even feel sympathy for Maddie? And why would she go back to the man who cheated on her and made her life miserable?
    • While satisfying, Cole calling out Maddy for being a bad person, and never doing anything to stop the popular kids from bullying them makes no sense since she had nothing to do with the bullying.
  21. Plenty of missed opportunities:
    • Rather than just calling his dad for being "weird" and staying quiet while his dad was explaining what would have happened if he were to become prom king, Cole should've called out to his own dad for being a disgusting pervert, then explains as to why Cole himself hated his own dad, and lastly, tells him: "Maybe if you weren't such a selfish asshole who is stuck in the past, then you wouldn't be such a loser, and mom would never have left you.".
  22. The unpopular kids' plan to ruin prom night, which is supposed to be the movie's climax and we never know anything about it until the third act, is very illogical and pure nonsense. Their plan is to rig the votes so that Maddy could win, drug the popular mean girl to give her a diarrhea (an overused cliché), send gay pictures to the jocks, send pictures of the former President Donald Trump to the gay kids to make them hate each other (which doesn't make sense, because whether you like Donald Trump or not, this prank doesn't work on it's own. Not even as a homophobic remark.), then tar and feather Maddy to humiliate her on stage.
    • This scene alone is a lot harder to root for the good guys, since they came up with a revenge plan by tormenting the bullies and ruining their prom night, making the prey no better than their hunters.
  23. The ending is terrible, both Cole and Maddy got back together and made up for their love of each other with a cheesy line, even after the things Maddy had done.
  24. The main lesson of the film is: "If you get bullied, bully them back." which is an unethical and irresponsible way for students who are victims of bullying.

The ONLY Redeeming Quality

  1. The drawings done by one of the characters are nice to look at, and is easily the only good thing about this movie.


F the Prom is not positively received. Scoring a 26% on Rotten Tomatoes, 4.2/10 in IMDb.



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