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Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000
Genre: Sport
Starring: Duncan Brannan
Georgia Denney
Jeremy Blaido
Chris Sabat
Galen Beyea
Stephen Lange
Photography: Color
Release Date: October 5, 1999
Country: United States

Chuck E. Cheese in the Galaxy 5000 is a 1999 direct-to-video film that was based upon Chuck E. Cheese's. It was released October 5, 1999 in CEC restaurants and Target stores. The plot is that a boy named Charlie Rockit needs $50,000 to fix his aunt and uncle's tractor engine, so Chuck E. and friends go to the Galaxy 5000 to win it in a race.


Charlie Rockit's aunt and uncle is in danger of losing their farm because they need $50,000 to replace their tractor. To raise the money, Chuck E. Cheese, Jasper T. Jowls, Mr. Munch and Helen Henny decide to race in the Galaxy 5000 on the planet Orion (to which they travel via Pasqually's Awesome Adventure Machine).

They face many challenges, including a racing vehicle that is practically junk, cheating competitors, and a woman named Astrid whom Chuck falls for but who's only interested in the prize money. Everything seems to go from bad to worse for Chuck, but just when he is at his lowest point, he meets a hermit named Harry who gets him to believe in himself and helps him train for the race.

During the race, Chuck overcomes the cheaters' maneuvers, getting stuck in a forest, and his own self-doubts to reach the finish line. After winning the prize, Chuck and his friends head home.

Why It Sucks

  1. Wonky camera-work. In some scenes, the camera constantly shakes, making the viewer feel dizzy.
  2. It’s never explained why Pasqually isn’t a costumed character, yet Chuck E., Helen, Munch, and Jasper are.
  3. The mouths on the costumes of Chuck E, Helen, Munch, and Jasper don’t move a lot, which unintentionally makes them very creepy.
  4. Due to the characters sharing the same remote signals between them, making the wrong character’s eyes or mouth move is a common mistake in the movie.
  5. Poorly written jokes such as “Maybe you could say that today’s race separated the mice from the men."
  6. Awkward moments, such as when Munch and Jasper randomly decide to start singing “Do Re Mi” from The Sound of Music, and when Helen goes on a rant on how humans mistreat chickens.
  7. Charlie’s acting is very wooden and stiff.
  8. Discrepancies: For example, Jasper suggests that the gang all get jobs to help Charlie get money, but they already have jobs - they sing in a band at a pizza arcade joint!
    1. Also, the X-Pilots are apparently still allowed to compete in the race even though they got disqualified the previous year for cheating.
    2. Helen starts hanging out with the X-Pilots after they win the race, despite that she was clearly disturbed after they hit on her and also called them “bullies” and “jerks”.
    3. It is unknown how Chuck E. suddenly knew about Vega 3, and Jasper knew about Dead Man's Canyon, even though they never competed in the Galaxy 5000 before.
  9. Downright disturbing moments, such as when Jasper suggests that the gang get jobs at the Chicken Palace, even though Helen is a chicken. That’s like telling a human to go work at a restaurant which serves humans as food!
    1. When the X-Pilots start hitting on Helen, it's very creepy and could qualify as bestiality.
    2. The X-Pilots and Dr. Zoom plan to extract juice from Helen to produce Zoom Gas. This is very creepy and could even be a metaphor for rape!
  10. The songs are very corny, feel very out of place, and serve as filler throughout the movie.
  11. Pasqually just up and leaves the restaurant to compete in the race with the rest of the gang. Assuming that he’s the only chef at Chuck E. Cheese’s, that means there would be no more pizza for the customers
  12. The CGI used for the Galaxy 5000 race on the planet Orion is very tacky and cheap, even by 90s standards.
  13. The X-Pilots are little more than Russian stereotypes.
  14. After the gang gets to Orion, the plot about Charlie’s aunt and uncle needing money is forgotten about until the end of the movie.
  15. Poorly written love triangle amongst Chuck E, Helen, and Astrid, with Helen having a crush on Chuck E, and Chuck E falling for Astrid, and then acting like a jerk to Helen. Not to mention that Chuck E’s relationship with Astrid is creepy due to Chuck E being a giant mouse and Astrid being a human, which, again, implies bestiality. Later, Astrid is revealed to be incredibly self-absorbed and only cares about the prize money.
  16. Chuck E is supposed to be the hero, but is incredibly unlikable in some scenes, such as when he writes Helen off as “one of the guys” just so he can get closer to Astrid, and when she runs away crying, he has the AUDACITY to wonder what’s “ruffling her feathers”.
  17. Uncertain audience. This movie has certain themes that appeal to older viewers such as love triangles, and also, the Zoom Gas seems to be a metaphor for drugs. However, practically no one over the age of 7 hangs out at Chuck E. Cheese’s, which makes this movie too kiddy for older viewers yet too mature for younger viewers.
  18. The scene where Jasper gets electrocuted by the wires in the racing vehicle contains a lot of flashes and could possibly give viewers a seizure, similar to the Pokemon episode "Electric Soldier Porygon".
  19. The racing scenes are incredibly boring and drag on forever.
  20. Pasqually practically disappears after the gang goes to Orion.
  21. The effects of Zoom Gas are eerily similar to drugs.
  22. All of the characters outside of the main 5 (Chuck E, Helen, Jasper, Munch, and Pasqually) are very bland and only exist as plot devices.
  23. Hermit and Pasqually share the same accent, mustache, and almost the same appearance, showing how lazy the production values are. Chuck E even lampshades this.
  24. The movie is a disgrace to the Chuck E. Cheese brand.
  25. Funimation actually made this. Yes.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Even though the costumes are creepy, they're still well-made.
  2. Good voice-acting for Chuck E, Helen, Munch, and Jasper.
  3. Pasqually and Jasper are probably the only tolerable characters.
  4. Even though the songs are out of place, there are some very good songs such as "Snowball's Chance In Texas", "Zoom Gas", and "I Know I Can".
  5. Funimation regrets making this movie.


The movie received negative reviews from Chuck E. Cheese fans and from movie critics in general, with many criticizing the plot, production values, and characters.

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22 months ago
Score 4
This is nothing but a Phantom Menace Rip-off, and this is coming from a guy who actually likes Phantom Menace and Chuck E. Cheese's.


20 months ago
Score 3
I thought this movie was fake when I saw it.


17 months ago
Score 5
When I came across the title in the Special:RecentChanges, I thought it was nothing but a troll page.


12 months ago
Score 2


9 months ago
Score 0
And this movie was released in the same year as Inspector Gadget.


9 months ago
Score 0


8 months ago
Score 0

Black Knight Animation Studios

8 months ago
Score 1
"A real cheesy space adventure"
They were right.


6 months ago
Score 0
I heard somewhere that they are making a chuck e cheese movie, hopefully not as bad as this movie, more charming then Rockstar Chuck E, or not as bad and unoriginal as Rock Afire Explosion! (gets brutally shot to death)


5 months ago
Score 0
For whatever reason. The cgi in this movie reminded me of a very early version of Jimmy Neutron just by looking at it.


5 months ago
Score 0
This movie is pointless


5 months ago
Score 0
I probably mentioned this film in my server, just look at the poster. This happened when my buddy mentioned this film.


3 months ago
Score 0
I used to like this film when i was younger. I hate it now.

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