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Child's Play (2019)

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Child's Play
Child's Play 2019.jpg
(Buddi aka Chucky ) You are my buddi.. unti- (*Pistol shooting*) (Chucky) Shut the f*ck up buddi the real chuck is back in town.
Genre: Horror
Dark Comedy
Science Fiction
Directed By: Lars Klevberg
Produced By: David Katzenberg
Seth Grahame-Smith
Written By: Tyler Burton Smith
Based On: Child's Play
by Don Mancini
Starring: Aubrey Plaza
Gabriel Bateman
Brian Tyree Henry
Mark Hamill
Photography: Color
Cinematography: Brendan Uegama
Distributed By: United Artists Releasing (United States)
Elevation Pictures (Canada)
Release Date: June 21, 2019 (United States)
Runtime: 90 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $10 million
Box Office: $45 million
Franchise: Child's Play

Child's Play is an American-Canadian horror-comedy slasher movie directed by Lars Klevberg, written by Tyler Burton Smith, and Produced by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith. It stars Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry, and Mark Hamill. It is a remake/reboot of the original 1988 film of the same name. It was released on June 21, 2019, theatrically.


Kaslan Corporation has recently launched a new robotic doll called Buddi, a high-tech sentient toy that acts as a life-long companion for its owner. In a Vietnamese Kaslan headquarters, an abused worker hacks into the doll's system and turns off its safety protocols and it is then shipped to stores. Karen purchases the same doll for her son Andy. However -- after the doll nicknamed "Chucky" is exposed to the violent horror film ''The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2'' and a knife, it turns sinister and goes into a killing spree.

Bad Qualities

  1. The biggest main problem with the movie is that it simply has no reason to exist. The Child's Play franchise was never in any sort of danger and was still going strong. This movie really was only made just for the sole purpose of making money. Also, the film didn’t sit well with a few cast members from the original Child’s Play series, including Jennifer Tilly. It also debatably came out too early, because unlike franchises like A Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th and Halloween, Chucky's original franchise is still technically going today, although the last two films were direct-to-video and weren't released theatrically.
    • Curse of Chucky already seemed to be a revival of the franchise that, at the same time, introduced the franchise to those who have not seen the first 5 films. In addition, Don Mancini confirmed a partnership with SyFy to make a Chucky TV series that will serve as a continuation of the original hepatology and will take place after the events of Cult of Chucky chronologically, in addition to rumors involving a possible Chucky 8. Since MGM still retained the rights of the original 1988 film, Orion Pictures (owned by MGM) decided to make its own reboot, despite the fact that the original Child's Play franchise is not only still in progress but will also have a TV show and possibly an eighth movie. It is a pity since the original writer Don Mancini (and the rest of the original cast) did not approve of this. In addition, Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly rejected this reboot because they, along with Don, considered this reboot to have a lack of respect for the original franchise and Don Mancini. This is not to say that the cast and the remake team did not put their hearts to work though.
  2. Awful grasp of the source material. The movie is so different from the originals that it's really difficult to call this a Child's Play film. Chucky's in it, he has a knife and swears, Andy and Karen are also in it -- and that's basically it. The complete lack of any heart and love dedicated to the original oftentimes feels very insulting. To make matters worse, a lot of the original crew members even outright hated this movie.
    • In the original, Chucky was a Good Guys doll possessed by the soul of a crazed serial killer Charles Lee Ray. In this movie, he's an advanced robot who got his system hacked and turned evil, thus ripping off The Terminator, which itself is a way better film.
      • While you feel sympathy for Chucky as he bonds with Andy more and wants to keep him company in this reboot, it feels like he no longer has the motivation to end him up until the very end when they're stuck in Zed Mart, unlike the 1988 original film.
    • A very small portion of characters from the original movies appear in the movie, the rest of them never make a single appearance in this film.
  3. So many characters in the movie are either flat-out bad or flanderized from what they used to be.
    • Chucky is far less intimidating and/or funny as he was originally. He went from being a sadistic and terrifying yet hilarious and wisecracking murderer to a braindead robot who hardly tells any jokes and has a very silly voice.
    • While Andy is mostly a tolerable character, he can be pretty generic at times.
    • Karen is an extremely unlikable and nasty character whose name fits her very well, she's now an overly stern and rude mother who is very idiotic. She's also the generic "horror mom who never believes her kid". Karen Barclay is unpleasant in this film and very reminiscent of Buck Cluck in Chicken Little.
      • In the original 1988 film, even though Karen Barclay didn’t believe what Andy said about Chucky had killed his babysitter Maggie, and she was the cliché of “horror mom who never believes her kid”. But you still saw her great love for Andy (who was 6 years old in the 1988 film, which somehow helped us to be moved and sympathize us with Karen) in the 1988 film, in addition to the moments of mother and child that Karen and Andy had in the original 1988 film, and they had much more chemistry than in Karen and Andy from the 2019 film. In addition to that Karen Barclay in the 1988 film had more character development than in the 2019 movie, and she was much more loveable and likable in the 1988 film than in this 2019 reboot.
  4. It’s clear that this reboot wanted to go for a Stranger Things vibe with Andy’s friends Falyn, and Pugg. However, they don’t really have any of the Hawkins kids' chemistry.
    • One of the most frustrating aspects is how they treat Andy in the film’s second half. After they dispose of the killer doll who literally cut off a man’s face and put it on a watermelon, the kids somehow aren’t convinced that Chucky could still be alive. It’s like they brush it off and aren’t traumatized in the slightest of what they just had to do, reverting to making quips instead of taking matters seriously.
    • The side teenage characters who assist Andy are ridiculously forgettable and insanely generic -- as they're now unfunny and annoying filler who only exist just to be teenage stereotypes.
  5. The characters are so hateable that you want to see Chucky killing all the characters, especially the adults, because most of them are unpleasant, especially Karen Barclay (Aubrey Plaza) and her boyfriend. The only one you feel sorry for and wish Chucky never killed is Gabe the Electrician.
  6. One of the worst things about the movie is that the tone is very inconsistent; this film cannot tell whether it wants to be a wacky comedy with an edgy sense of humor or a serious horror film that wants to induce fear into the audience, even though the franchise itself was known for its balanced tone.
  7. Poorly written and smarmy script riddled with multiple horror cliches. Because of this, this movie ends up being flooded with cliches and plot holes. More reasons as to why are below.
  8. Like most other bad horror films, it overuses pointless loud jumpscares and violent gore as a desperate attempt to seem "scary", which it fails at doing. Its inconsistent tone does not help either.
  9. The plot can be predictable at times.
  10. Although the puppets' effects are pretty decent, they're not quite as good as the original.
  11. Plot Hole: There are so many plot holes, stupid decisions and logic fails in the movie that How it Should Have Ended would probably have enough for a whole video. Examples include:
    • When Andy and his friends are about to leave the store under the security door, Andy is not wearing his hearing aid as he swings his head showing his left ear repeatedly for several moments. Seconds later when the security door has closed, and he stands up he suddenly has his hearing aid back in his left ear. The hearing aid is very noticeable and was conspicuously absent.
    • The Vietnamese sweatshop is structured in a way that makes no real sense: the workers seem to be randomly in charge of everything and nothing instead of having specialized streamlined tasks. Already makes no sense that a low-level employee would be able to reprogram a state-of-the-art AI chip, it makes even less sense from a production standpoint that he'd also be given a disassembled doll, dresses it, etc.
    • Karen forbids her son from playing with Chucky, because he's spending too much time with it on top of it scaring the cat and locks it up in a cabinet. The cabinet ends up broken (Chucky broke it but she does not know), the cat conveniently disappears (Chucky killed it but she does not know), but the mother is totally cool about it, the plot point is forgotten, and Andy faces no punishment or questioning for it. Any mother would be alarmed and would make a big deal of it possibly even throwing the doll away (she does not care, she did not pay for it), but that sort of drama is delayed until much later in the movie, for no internal reason.
    • Shane is seen falling into a watermelon patch in his backyard after Chucky knocks him down. How the hell is Shane growing a watermelon patch in the middle of winter?
    • Chucky is a small baby-sized doll... yet he is seen carrying a watermelon and leaping several feet into the air. In the original, it was explained that Chucky was supernatural because he was possessed -- while in this one, he's just a robot.
    • After setting his mother free from the forklift, Andy grabs the knife and stabs Chucky in his power core, shutting him down. Moments later Chucky lunges towards him only to be shot by Detective Norris and the hole is no longer in his outfit.
  12. It generally has a lack of any of the charm of the original films and oftentimes feels like a generic slasher movie with toys. In fact, there are lots of moments in this movie where it feels too similar to other films and shows like Black Mirror and Small Soldiers.
    • Both Small Soldiers and Child's Play (2019) share the concept of robot toys.
    • Both Black Mirror and Child's Play (2019) share the concept of how technology affects us today.
  13. Mediocre and unconvincing special effects, especially for the CGI model for Chucky. What makes this worse is that this is based on the original Child's Play, which was known for its very impressive and advanced special effects, not to mention, Chucky looks very cartoony and also clashes with the film's attempted "dark" tone, also Chucky looks like a rejected Team America: World Police puppet.
  14. So many characters in the movie don't even act like humans. Falyn and Pugg literally just dispose Chucky instead of destroying him after they find out he cut off a man's face. Also, instead of reporting the faceless head of Shane, they instead wrap it up in Christmas packaging and deliver it to Mike Norris and his mother. It makes absolutely no sense why they would do this instead of reporting it to the police.
  15. Just like The Banana Splits Movie, it features Anachronism: Despite having a washed-out and old 80's look, it has the presence of advanced technology and smartphones.
  16. It's too pretentious and tries way too hard to be modern with the usage of technology and pop-culture references.
  17. Factual errors, like when Mike Norris calls Andy's friends "millennials" when they are Generation Z. That as well as the scene where Gabe gets his leg sliced off by a table saw. Table saw blades usually are only three to four inches and wouldn't be big enough to slice off a human limb.
  18. So many characters in this movie don't contribute to the plot and are only there just for filler.
  19. It's yet another movie that has a cast of kids to ride off of the success of Stranger Things and IT (2017). However, they don’t really have any of the Hawkins kids' chemistry.
  20. The concept of an AI toy with its safety restrictions removed, learning how to kill people by imitating things it sees, doesn't fit in a supernatural movie franchise.
  21. The dialogue is amateurishly written and is often at times extremely uncomfortable.
  22. Chucky in this movie is able to connect to stuff like temperature being a plot device/plot convenience or an excuse to the final battle.
  23. The ending is blatant sequel-baiting. To put it briefly, just after a last climax and the massacre throughout the film with Karen and Mike being taken to paramedics and Andy with his friends destroy Chucky's remains, Kaslan made an announcement to recall all the dolls, as many packaged dolls being recalled and put into storage, one of the dolls start functioning as its eyes open and smile at the viewer, which is implying that Chucky is transferred all his consciousness to another doll body. What makes things worse is -- like most movies that do this --, there's no sequel confirmed or even talked about.
  24. There is a scene where Andy and his friends are watching "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2" which is another horror film made by MGM which chucky imitates the film and holding a knife saying "heads up b*tch" which is out of place for a Chucky/Child's Play film.

Good Qualities

  1. Mark Hamill in particular does a great job providing the voice of Chucky, almost sounding similar to Brad Dourif, but still manages to do his own take on the killer doll.
  2. You actually get to see Andy and Chucky spend time together and bond more, something that didn't really happen much in the original.
  3. Some likeable characters such as Mike Norris and Gabe the Electrician.
    • Chucky is still a good villain despite his flanderization.
    • Andy and/or his friends can be tolerable at times.
  4. The soundtrack. Oh my God, the soundtrack! The music score for this film is amazing and extremely unique and is arguably one of the best things about this movie. It is composed by Bear McCreary, who has done soundtracks for other movies and video games like Godzilla: King of the Monsters (which, ironically, was released the same year as this movie), AVGN: The Movie, God of War and Fantasy Island
  5. The pacing for this movie is surprisingly decent.
  6. Very cool and memorable kill scenes.
  7. Chucky now has a very interesting redesign. One unique thing about him is that his eyes turn red when he's in his evil state.
  8. It does at least have some cool references and easter eggs that reference the original films.
  9. It was at least refreshing to get a new Child's Play movie that wasn't flat out bad, unlike some of the previous ones as this movie is still pretty average.
  11. The practical effects (especially for Chucky and the gore) are actually very impressive, unlike most of the other effects in this movie.
  12. Passable acting performances.
  13. The climax is highly entertaining with Chucky causing a murdering spree in Zed Mart whilst Andy and his friends try to stop him.
  14. A lot of the jokes in this movie are legitimately pretty funny and land very well.
  15. The cinematography and camera angles are well-shot and take on the tone of the film very well.
  16. There are some promotional posters for the film that poke fun at Toy Story 4, given the fact that this film released the same day and year as Toy Story 4.
    1. One particular poster shows Woody's arm, and Chucky's hand holding a knife, implying that Chucky killed Woody.
  17. At least it is not a frame by frame (or copy and paste) remake of the original 1988 film, like Aladdin live-action remake or The Lion King realistic CGI animated remake.
  18. The idea of making Chucky an uncontrollable, murderous robot instead of a possessed doll, while really bad considering Child's Play was never known for technology, actually makes sense in a way too as well somewhat justifiable if you think about it: Kids nowadays are more interested in technologic stuff like iPads, so taking the whole 'doll is alive' concept from the original and using it to make Chucky an advanced piece of technology that's still pretty much a doll that can move on its own is actually a pretty interesting way of updating the original's basic premise.
    • But it could have been better, less bad, and more tolerable if Chucky was a murderous robot and possessed at the same time as everyone would think that he is killing people because of a bug, but in reality, he would be possessed while everyone would think that he was with a defect, bug or fail in his system. That would have been so much better than just a murderous robot with a defect, bug, or fail.


Child's Play received mixed-to-positive reviews from critics, but rather negative reviews from audiences and fans. Both praised the movie for its dark humor, its soundtrack, and its gore. However, it was also criticized for its plot, script, and its poor grasp of the source material. It currently has a 64% "Fresh" Tomato-meter on Rotten Tomatoes and a 57% audience score. The Critics' Consensus reads "Child's Play updates an '80s horror icon for the Internet of Things era, with predictably gruesome -- and generally entertaining -- results." It currently has a 48% "mixed or average" Metascore = and a 6.0/10 "mixed or average" score on Metacritic and has a 5.7/10 on IMDb. On Google, only 67% of people liked it.



  1. Mark Hamill previously voiced Chucky in the television series Robot Chicken (2005). The episode: Robot Chicken: Plastic Buffet (2005).
  2. There is a Killer Klowns From Outer Space movie poster on the wall in Andy's room. Killer Klowns From Outer Space was released in 1988, the same year as the original Child's Play.
  3. It was released the exact same day as Toy Story 4. There were even teaser posters for the film that parody Toy Story 4 teaser posters, because of the fact that it was released on the same day that Toy Story 4 released.
  4. The toy car that drives by Andy quotes "Robocop" by saying "dead or alive you're coming with me".
  5. Don Mancini was not involved in this movie.
  6. This is the first Child's Play movie, in which Chucky kills an animal (which is in this is the case is Andy's pet cat).
  7. The Chucky TV series by Don Mancini, which is a continuation of Cult Of Chucky, ignores this film.

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