Casper: A Spirited Beginning

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Casper: A Spirited Beginning
P19963 d v7 aa.jpg
Genre: Family
Directed By: Sean McNamara
Produced By: Mike Elliott
Written By: Jymn Magon
Thomas Hart
Starring: Steve Guttenberg
Lori Loughlin
Rodney Dangerfield
Michael McKean
Brendon Ryan Barrett
Jeremy Foley
Bill Farmer
Jim Ward
Jess Harnell
James Earl Jones
Pauly Shore
Cinematography: Christian Sebaldt
Distributed By: 20th Century Fox
Release Date: September 9, 1997
Runtime: 90 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English

Casper: A Spirited Beginning is a direct-to-video and first prequel/spin-off to the 1995 film Casper, produced by The Harvey Entertainment Company and Saban Entertainment and released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on September 9, 1997. The film shows how Casper became a ghost.


When Casper failed to show up at the Ghost Central Station, he instead finds himself in the world of the living where he befriends a young boy name Chris Carson, a 10 year old, who loves ghosts and the supernatural and has a workaholic father: Tim Carson who spends little time with his son as he attempts to tear down an old mansion to update the town. Casper also meets with the Ghostly Trio where they along with Chris are willing to help Casper become a better ghost. Meanwhile, a monstrous ghoul: Kibosh, who is head of the Ghost Central, discovers of Casper's absence, sent out his assistant: Snivel to find Casper and bring him back at once.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor grasp of source material of the first film.
  2. This film can get flat, especially near the end when Chris and his father argue with each other.
  3. Chris' father, Tim Carson, who is dimwitted, can be somewhat cruel and unlikable, but at least he's nice, and can be somewhat entertaining (check below the Redeeming Quality's section).
  4. Much like the first film, the Ghostly Trio do stupid puns and horrific jokes.
  5. Some other actors from the first film never appear, but it has Ben Stein as the food manager and Rodney Dangerfield as the Mayor.
  6. In the beginning of the film, the name of Casper is never known in the first film.
  7. Poor acting.
  8. Overall long scenes.
  9. Dreadful computer-animation of the ghosts.
  10. Bad editing.
  11. Some of the Ghostly Trio is used to being known, but later in minutes they're not known.
  12. Too many continuity like Casper is going to train with the Ghostly Trio like pass though walls and float, but it can clearly be seen from the first minute when the movie begins.
  13. The opening is poor, and drags on for a bit too long.
  14. It doesn't tell us how Casper became a ghost, making this film COMPLETELY pointless.
  15. While Brock and his gang do get their comeuppance at the end of the film by getting wedgies and stuck at a tree by the Ghostly Trio, it's not a real good punishment for them when they tried to KILL Chris by locking him in the old mansion that was going to be destroyed.
  16. Lame ending.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The voice acting is still good.
  2. Casper and Chris are likable characters.
  3. There are some good funny moments here and there.
  4. Entertaining dialogue, such as the way Tim Carson says "Wild and crazy guy day!" and "Yes it is!".


The Movie



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