Brightspark Productions Ltd.

Brightspark Productions Ltd. (no relation with Spark Plug Entertainment) is a United Kingdom home video distributor that distributes films from all around the world in the United Kingdom.

Aside from them distributing films, the company has also been notorious for actually lying what is in some of the films they distribute, to the point that internet web reviewers like I Hate Everything (who is actually from the United Kingdom) call them out on that aspect.

Films They Distribute

  • They are the main distributor of Video Brinquedo's films in the United Kingdom.
  • Braver (In a case similar to Super K, this one is actually a 2005 Canadian 2-D animated made for TV film called A Fairy Tale Christmas; several people say the special by itself is actually pretty good but it's a shame that Brightspark used it to mislead consumers into thinking that it has something to do with Pixar's Brave)
  • Tangled Up (It's actually a bunch of educational shorts from a 1991 animated series by Encylopedia Britannica called Britannica's Tales From Around the World. Interestingly, there is a Rapunzel short in there, but it has nothing to do with Disney's version of the story)

Why They Don't Spark

Note: We are only here to give reasons as to why the company sucks, not the films they distribute.

  1. False advertising on some of the films they distribute.
  2. They say their films are nominated for Emmys, when they clearly weren't.
  3. They call themselves one of the best distribution companies in the UK, which is self-praising.
  4. Their DVD covers are misleading.
  5. The back of both Braver and Tangled Up's DVD covers have no screenshots, making the DVD feel more like a bootleg than a actual DVD.
  6. They also don't say the correct plot and what the film actually is inside it.
  7. The films say they use the outdated 4:3 ratio, they actually use the 16:9 ratio.
  8. Despite Braver and Tangled Up apparently being distributed by them, the actual companies and copyright of the year they were made in are still listed in the credits.
  9. They often "released" mockbusters of movies that are not mockbusters, but re-releases of their older movies with a different title and cover to fool unsuspecting people to buy their movies by accident. Examples are Braver, which is actually A Fairy Tale Christmas, and Tangled Up, which is actually some episodes of Britannica's Tales Around the World.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. They and their movies can be unintentionally funny for some people.
  2. They have released some occasional good released, such as their Taffy Entertainment/MoonScoop releases like the somewhat rare English dub of Titeuf (Called Tootuff).