Shrek:The Wrath of Prince Charming (FAKE)

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Why It Sucks

  1. Shrek is out of character, as in Shrek 2 and Forever After he was fine with his family. But in this film, he wants everyone to leave him alone.
  2. Prince Charming being the villain again isn't a good idea after Shrek the Third.
  3. Artie returns and is more unlikeable. He even said to Shrek once "Leave me alone, old ogre".
  4. Mike Myers is replaced, and his replacement voice actor Jim Jones is bad.
  5. The soundtrack, despite being better than Shrek the Third, is lacking. Like, why is Kevin Macleod music in the movie?
  6. Sonic is in the movie and is useless.
  7. The love tention between Shrek and Shadow seems forced.
  8. This film seems to not learn the lessons Shrek 5: Space Battle had.
  9. The Princesses from Shrek the Third are back and are not funny
  10. This film brings back every charater from Shrek the Third, which isn't good to begin with.

Redeeming Qualites

  1. The ending is good, Shrek stabs Prince Charming and Charming's final words are emotional.
  2. Besides Shrek, the voice acting is decent.
  3. Its sequel Shrek: Endgame is a improvement.
  4. Unlike Shrek the Third, everyone seems useful.
  5. This movie is considered better than Shrek 5: Space Battles
  6. This film tries to fix the errors Shrek: Space Battles mad.e
  7. Shrek has two arms, Fiona becomes human and ogre instead of human, and Donkey is nice
  8. Merlin made a return and teaches Shrek.


The movies was received well, it got a Fresh 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, saying "This movie was better than Shrek the Third".



2 months ago
Score 4
Shrek x TRoS meme.jpg


2 months ago
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Sounds better than my idea, Shrek 5: The Divorce


2 months ago
Score 0
Where can I find it?


2 months ago
Score 0
Oh I haven't made it yet, it's just my dumb idea.


one month ago
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I'd LOVE to see a page made about that.
This movie still appears to not be worse than my made movie which mind me I really like loud house I just like ideas of movies that are extremely hated from good cartoons Loud house the movie I made the blog
And loud house the movie is said by most people as the worst movie ever

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