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Multiverse: The Fall of N.W.O. - Part One (Fake Movie based on my project).

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NOTE: This is a fake movie. It's based on one of my projects i talked about on Crappy Games. For now, i will limit as a fake IP just for funzies. Also, it's allowed to edit this blog. However, vandalism will not be tolerated. Whoever does that will be dealt with.

Multiverse: The Fall of N.W.O - Part One
If the second part wouldn't have been an improvement, the subtitle of this movie would have been better called "The Fall of the Franchise".
Genre: Action
Directed By: Fred Dengus
Written By: Fred Dengus
John Lorder
Based On: Multiverse
Distributed By: Warner Bros. Pictures
Release Date: 20th July, 2022
Runtime: 169 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $40.1 million
Box Office: $200.3 million
Franchise: Multiverse
Sequel: Multiverse: The Fall of N.W.O - Part Two

Multiverse: The Fall of N.W.O. - Part One is an American movie distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It's based on the video game Multiverse. It was released on July 20th, 2022 on theaters, HBO Max and Disney+. The movie serves as the first part of a duology of what it would sign the end of the N.W.O. an organization known to be the most sadistic and most restrictive organization of the franchise. This movie is the first part of the Multiverse: The Fall of N.W.O. duology. The movie received a mixed reception from critics, mixed-to-negative reviews from audiences and negative reviews from fans of the franchise, with many people deeming it as a disappointing start of the duology. Multiverse: The Fall of N.W.O. - Part Two, the second and final movie of the duology, was released on August 5th, 2022, with Fred Dengus returning as a director,with writers that worked on the IPs included in this movie returning here as well.


After the discovery that the N.W.O returned by exploding 23 buildings, the Rebels decided to return to work and defeat them definitely once and for all

IPs used in this movie

Well-known IPs

  • The Owl House (the most focused) (2020, Disney cartoon)
  • The Loud House (Another most focused) (2016, Nickelodeon cartoon)
  • Amphibia (2019, Disney cartoon)
  • Teen Titans (2003, Cartoon Network cartoon)
  • Steven Universe (2013, Cartoon Network cartoon)
  • Saints Row (All the characters, except the 2022 reboot)
  • Grand Theft Auto IV (2008, video game)
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987-present, originally owned by 4Kids, later owned by Nickelodeon).

Obscure IPs

  • Charlotte (2015, anime)
  • Winx Club (2004, italian cartoon)
  • Dick Figures (2010, adult cartoon)

Bad Qualities

  1. The main criticism with this movie is that it was overloaded with trailers. Before its release, the movie managed to spawn 20 trailers, and 5 of them are unnecessary, as they do not have anything to do with the plot!
  2. Another main criticism is that Luz and Amity (both from The Owl House) were chosen as protagonists of the movie. While they are great characters, and in fact, they still remained likeable, the issue is that unlike in the video game, in which the player can choose if they can be hired or not as part of the Rebels, in this movie, they were hired pretty late and never trained, making their progress incredibly forced.
  3. The movie itself is boring due to the overly dark tone, that is in par with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Even the IPs included in the movie that are known to have a dark tone (stuff like The Owl House, Amphibia, Teen Titans, Steven Universe and Grand Theft Auto IV) and even the video game Multiverse aren't very dark and still had lighthearted moments. While the dark tone isn't inherently bad, like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this movie took itself very seriously and had very little fun moments.
  4. Incredibly inconsistent pacing. It can be either sluggish (the adventure to an N.W.O HQ in Washington D.C. or the attempted murder of Cyborg) or way too fast (the N.W.O HQ attack in Washington D.C.).
  5. The movie tends to shove unnecessary shipping and romantic moments. While shipping isn't inherently bad, they shoved it too much to the point that some people even considered the movie the poster child of unnecessary romance. There have been 32 romantic moments in the movie.
    • Lumity is the worst offender in terms of shipping, as it has 20 romantic moments and 4 kisses. It does not help the fact that the last kiss was a french kiss.
  6. The story itself, while still decent, is rather convoluted with lackluster characterization and plot holes that were later resolved in the sequel. And most of the issues are explained below.
  7. The characterization in this movie is pretty lackluster. Plenty of characters were either underutilized, removed or flanderized.
    1. Plenty of characters were either underutilized or straight up removed until they later returned in the sequel, such as:
      1. Eda Clawthorne (The Owl House) (underutilized)
      2. Raine Whispers (The Owl House) (underutilized)
      3. Pearl (Steven Universe) (removed)
      4. Amethyst (Steven Universe) (underutilized)
      5. Sprig Plantar (Amphibia) (underutilized)
      6. Hop Pop Plantar (Amphibia) (underutilized)
      7. Polly Plantar (Amphibia) (underutilized)
      8. The Loud Sisters (With the exception of Lana, Lucy, Luna and Lori) (The Loud House) (underutilized)
      9. Lynn Loud Sr. (The Loud House) (removed)
      10. Rita Loud (The Loud House) (removed)
      11. Almost all of the Grand Theft Auto IV characters (Niko and Roman are the only exception) (removed).
    2. King and Lilith Clawthorne (both from The Owl House and the only two characters suffering from this) heavily suffered from flanderization and lacked the charm they once had until they redeemed themselves in the sequel.
      1. King went from a hilarious character who tried to be a ruler but fails but later abandoned this stuff in favor of trying to find his father into a selfish character who has little care towards everyone and doesn't listen to the advices the others give to him during the adventures.
      2. Lilith became more of a woman who's very obsessive with the plan of defeating the N.W.O. and refuses to listen to other people's advices to tone down her obsessiveness. Not helping the fact is that she's so obsessed with the plan that she once even forgot about her friends and her sister when going to the N.W.O. HQ in Washington D.C. with them.
  8. While most of the dialogue is great, some of it is laughable that tries way too hard to be either funny or serious but fails miserably. Some examples include:
    1. The infamous "You want bad blood, while i just want blood" line from Dorax.
    2. "Death is the definition of evil" line from Niko Bellic.
  9. The main villain of the duology, Orgonos, was not used in this movie and instead what we get is Logregus and Dorax. Unlike Orgonos, which is a really cunning villain, Logregus and Dorax are very bland who just try to make fun jokes but their jokes really fall flat and they have very cheap motivations to help the N.W.O. Their motivations are that they just had a bet with other friends that if they're able to defeat the Rebels, they would gain a lot of money and respect.
  10. Executive meddling: Originally the movie meant to have Orgonos as the villain of the entire duology with Logregus and Dorax not existing at the time, but Warner Bros. forced the writers to change the idea to create two brand new bland villains instead, for the sake of adding new characters to the lore of the franchise.
  11. Bland soundtrack that tries too hard to be epic but failed and instead it sounds dull and monotonous.
  12. Missed opportunities: Considering that not only the studio that made the original video game owns the IP, but Warner Bros. also owns it, they could have added a lot of other characters from the franchises they own such as main DC Comics heroes but they didn't care and instead, they opted for just Steven Universe and Teen Titans.
  13. The movie suffers from mutliple plot holes, such as:
    1. The Rebels managed to locate and arrive with no problem to an N.W.O HQ in China, even though the N.W.O. is capable of locating the Rebels and they would alert immediately if they're near.
    2. It was never explained how the N.W.O. declared their return by exploding 23 buildings, considering that at the time, the organization was small and not big enough to have enough bombs. However, Warner Bros. later explained that the N.W.O. managed to find resources they found after their first defeat.
    3. As mentioned above, Luz and Amity were never trained once they joined the Rebels and yet they managed to progress without any help. However, the sequel fixed this plot hole, by showing that the reason is that they trained themselves without asking any kind of help.
  14. As mentioned above, the adventure to the N.W.O. HQ in Washington D.C., while a great subplot, is painfully sluggish, as the characters would occasionally stop and talk about "important stuff", but these chats have no impact, making them pointless. It felt like that the writers wanted to pad out the movie length.
  15. Product placement, such as Facebook, Stadia, Google and even IPs that aren't part of the franchise such as Balan Wonderworld. However, all of the product placement was negatively portrayed. For example, a Facebook ad was destroyed by a vandal or a player was simply playing with Stadia and then the game just disconnected following the internet disconnection after the explosion, leading to the player destroying the Stadia controller by throwing it to the TV.
  16. An obnoxious cliffhanger where Eda just got shot in the head while crashing with a car towards the main villains in the mall attack, and then showing her still alive but her head is bleeding, and later the screen fades into black.
  17. Overall, the movie was not a great way to start a duology that would sign the definitive end of the N.W.O, an organization that destroyed several lives.

Good Qualities

  1. Decent mixture of live-action and cartoon. In addition, video game characters were fully rendered and still had their original textures.
  2. Despite being mediocre, the movie still has strong respect towards the IPs included in the movie, thanks to the writers that worked on the aforementioned IPs worked here as well. In addition, the movie is still faithful to the video game.
  3. Despite some flanderized characters and others being underutilized, most of the characters still kept their charm and still remained likeable, such as:
    1. Luz Noceda (The Owl House).
    2. Amity Blight (The Owl House).
    3. Willow Park (The Owl House)
    4. Gus Porter (The Owl House)
    5. Eda Clawthorne (The Owl House, despite being underutilized)
    6. Lincoln Loud (The Loud House)
    7. Ronnie Anne Santiago (The Loud House)
    8. Niko Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV)
    9. Roman Bellic (Grand Theft Auto IV).
    10. All the TMNT characters.
  4. Despite the movie taking itself very seriously, the direction by Fred Dengus is great.
  5. Great voice acting.
  6. The action scenes are impressive.
  7. Orgonos, the main villain, is a very interesting one, with clever plans to defeat the Rebels and he's very fearful despite acting like a calm man. In addition, he was later used in the sequel.
  8. Part Two is a massive improvement over this movie.
  9. Some interesting subplots or parts of the plot such as the adventure to the N.W.O HQ in Washington D.C (despite the sluggish pacing) or the final attack in the mall.


Multiverse: The Fall of N.W.O - Part One received mixed reviews from critics, mixed-to-negative reviews from audiences and very negative reviews from fans of the franchise. Criticism was directed towards the useless trailers, the choice of Luz and Amity being protagonists, weak writing, bad characterization, severe flanderization of King and Lilith, and most importantly, the awful ending. The movie holds a 41% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes while the audience score holds a 52%. The site's consensus of opinion is that "Despite sounding convincing, Multiverse: The Fall of N.W.O - Part One is a rather disappointing start of a two-parter definitive finale that saw the end of an evil organization".


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