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#*Ness from ''Mother 2/EarthBound'' became a perverted teenager who is obsessed with raping and watching pornography and he would yell at anyone who hates porn.
#*Ness from ''Mother 2/EarthBound'' became a perverted teenager who is obsessed with raping and watching pornography and he would yell at anyone who hates porn.
#*Alisa Bosconovitch from ''Tekken'' became a prostitute.
#*Alisa Bosconovitch from ''Tekken'' became a prostitute.
#*Marie Rose from ''Dead or Alive'' is now addicted to crack cocaine, and is always high most of the time.
#*The characters from ''Cookie Run: Kingdom'' are also flanderized:
#*The characters from ''Cookie Run: Kingdom'' are also flanderized:
#**GingerBrave is also obsessed with nudity, '''despite being 13-years-old!'''
#**GingerBrave is also obsessed with nudity, '''despite being 13-years-old!'''

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Art's Animations: The Movie
Arts Animations movie poster 1.jpeg

Art’s Animations movie poster 2.png
Arts Animations the movie crossover.jpeg
You know, this movie isn't always great…
and it will never be
Genre: Elsagate
Sex Comedy
Dark Comedy
Black Comedy
Directed By: A furry
A countryhuman person
An edgy 12-year-old
Imogen Bitchensen
Produced By: An Anime person
Written By: A 9-year-old
Based On: Art's Animations
Starring: Tom Kenny
Grey Griffin
Kimino Glenn
Tara Strong
Trey Parker
Billy West
Ana Sani
Stephanie Beatriz
Maitreyi Ramakrishnan
Rosalie Chiang
Photography: Color
Distributed By: Warner Bros. Pictures
Boulder Media
Release Date: November 3, 2022 (HBO Max)
February 9, 2023 (Theatrical release; United States)
April 4, 2023 (United Kingdom)
June 19, 2023 (Russia)
September 24, 2023 (Worldwide)
Runtime: 4,202 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $329 million
Box Office: $183 million
Prequel: Starch Brotherhood: The Movie (chronologically)
Sequel: Art's Animations: The Christmas Calendar (In development)

"What the fuck is this?! Did Art's Animations really agreed with Warner Brothers? The film feels really rushed with a lot of filler scenes just to hit that 70 hour mark, and the films plot is just god damn awful. Who the fuck aired a kid to write this? Tilley Paris? Nah, she works for U Got 45’d… but still. I whole rather watch the end credits of the film feeling bad for the people who had to work on it. How is this a thing? How?"
"What the hell, do they really have to do this, making a films out of a YouTuber and putting in inappropriate content into it sounds… sus…"
"How? Why the fuck did Warner Bros agreed to make this shit, the film is just crap! First, they ruined Starch Brotherhood, then they end up ruining the WHOLE channel of it! YOU HEAR ME, THE WHOLE FUCKING CHANNEL!"
Insert reviewer
"Why the hell did this became a thing? Just why! I had to sit 70 hours feeling very uncomfortable that I want to get out of there. The voice actors feel like they where forced to do this crap, the plot is just awful… please don’t watch this, Art's Animations: The Movie gets a 1.2/10 for me."
Mr Enter
"I don’t understand, The move had a PG rating, but adult humor was thrown in this film. If the film was directed by Artyom Sayevets, also known as Art's Animations, we wouldn’t had any of those in this film. There are horrible characters, poor writing and unfunny jokes. This actually makes its other film, Starch Brotherhood: The Movie like a huge masterpiece!"
" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Fuck this shit, I’am not watching this film again, they ruined Art's Animations! All of your great and heartwarming characters turns into crazy and out-of-character jerks, doing sex, IS THIS HOW ART'S ANIMATIONS SUPPOSED TO BE? No! Art's Animations was meant to be cute, funny, historical and adventurous! Not inappropriate!"
An Art's Animations fan
"fux tis shit, i hat ths film, why why why!!!!!!!!!! art’s animations why did u destry our precis day!!!!!"
Some 4 year old
"I just got rumors that I had agreed with Warner Bros. to make this film, and to tell you the truth, I did not. Seriously, who the hell decided to make a film out of my channel and turn it into a huge abomination released into theaters without my permission? Who ever is doing it, just please stop. You didn’t had permission to make a film out of my channel."
Artyom Sayevets
"Art's Animations was a hilarious and nice channel based on Countryballs. Creative writing, cute characters and, good animation. But a film, named Art's Animations: The Movie. It was terrible. I don't think Art's Animations could put sexual humor in this film with unprofessional writing, ruined characters, well expect for Peru and China but still, many of the lovable characters are turned into abominations! Belarus is now a pervert, South Korea is a K-pop fangirl and many are atrocious characters with no depth. I know Art's Animations didn't direct or even written this film but I don't think he would put this into his videos!"

Art's Animations: The Movie (also titled Art's Animations: A Trip to New York City) is an 2022/2023 adventure/action comedy drama "family" American-Russian-Canadian film based on Art's Animations' web series of Countryballs, also known as Polandball. The film was directed by A furry person, a countryhuman person, an edgy 12-year-old and Imogen Bitchensen and was produced by an anime person. The film was distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. The film starts Tom Kenny, Grey Griffin, Kimino Glenn, Tara Strong, Trey Parker, Billy West and more.

The film was released on HBO Max on November 3, 2022 as an early release and was released in theaters in the United States on February 9, 2023. The film later was released on April 4, 2023 in the United Kingdom, June 19, 2023 in Russia and was released worldwide on September 24, 2023, 10 months after the early release. The film also features characters from other franchises, although they are not supposed to. Such as The Loud House, Harvey Balls: World of Autumn, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Tell Your Tale, Caillou, Animal Jam, Turning Red, The Emoji Movie, Cuphead, the Sonic franchise , The Amazing World of Gumball, U Got 45'd (YouTube video), Teen Titans Go!, Royalty of Autumn, Hilda, Dora the Explorer, The Chicken Squad, The Owl House, Ducktales (2017), Toy Story, Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Super Mario, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Miracle Star, Encanto, Countryhumans, The Powerpuff Girls, PWA (PixelWolf Animation), The Lion King, Adventure Time, Family Guy, South Park, Aggrestuko, BNA: Brand New Animal, Demon Slayer, Total Drama, Foodnight!, Spirit: Riding Free, Bluey, The Awesome Guys, Junior Eurovision, Bloody Bunny, Luca, Mickey Mouse and more.


Stuck in Countryville, Many of the countryballs wanted to go to New York for a trip, but realized that they cannot go. Peru never get the tickets and wanted to go, but however, Belarus bursts in with joy, with tickets for a trip to New York, singing a song. Peru ask Belarus why he has tickets. Belarus replied saying that he is going to Germany for a vacation as a lie. Peru just realized that one of the tickets fell off, two actually. He wondered why Belarus dropped them. South Korea told Peru about Belarus with the ticket and realized he is going to Germany for a week. But South Korea wasn't too sure about leaving outside of Countryville. Peru finds another dropped ticket and he found out that it was a ticket to New York. He burst into tears, singing and laughing in joy. He is actually going to New York, with his friends.

Belarus told everyone so come here and threatens them if they don't, they will be hanged up. Ireland told what was with the threat and why did Belarus shout. Belarus cannot take it anymore, he finally got tickets… to New York. France cheered and jumped into Germany while Ireland and Latvia cheer for Belarus. Peru came back with the two tickets that Belarus dropped. The cheering stopped and Belarus wondered why did he forgot to pick them up, but he didn't care. He is still excited.


At September 11th, during the Night-Beginning Celebration, Poland wanted to go to space, so he takes some airplanes, but the ends up crashing the towers. Belarus hates New York now and wanted to go back to Countryville, but South Korea wanted to buy more K-pop.

While Latvia was watching the news, he noticed that the Night-Beginning Celebration is getting destroyed. After watching the news, he got flashbacks when there was a major bomb on the Sun Celebration. He told everyone to go back to Countryville or they die.

After many days, they found a plane that nobody is in right now, they all got in while Belarus is riding to go back. Many of them got tired and they never wanted to go back again…

Why It Doesn't Deserve To Get The Tickets To New York City

  1. The film is really unfaithful to Art's Animations' web series of Countryballs, also known as Polandball.
  2. Addressing the elephant out of the room: The film’s storyline is extremely clichéd and paper-thin, the fact that it is written by a 9-year-old, there is a huge amount of filler into the film. The film also has adult humor into it, such as nudity, sex, graphic violence and even swearing, despite all of this, the film ends up tricking its rating by making it rated PG instead of R of more extreme, NC-17. Meaning that children will be tricked into thinking the film is made for children. Sounds familiar?
  3. Hell, the film even forgets some of the characters, despite being supporting or popular characters.
    • Russia is never seen or even mentioned in the film, which makes no sense since he's one of the main antagonist of Art's Animations.
      • Besides from Russia, some characters, such as Ukraine and United Stares aren't even mentioned or seen in the film either.
  4. Adding on WIS#3, the writer barely does any research on the characters' of even watches the channel, causing some to get gender swapped (will be in WIS#9) and getting the characters flanderized (will be in WIS#5).
  5. Again, adding on WIS#4, due to poor writing, almost all of the characters were atrociously flanderized and all of them don't even act like their original counterparts (ex; Belarus acts friendly and kind on the channel but acts horrible in the film), mainly because the writer of the film, who was a 9-year-old didn't know all of the charaters' counterparts in the channel, since they have never watched the channel before (as mentioned earlier), so they end up making them out-of-character, perverts, rude, crazy or even pedophiles at one point. If you're going to hire a writer, why not hire one who knows about the channel and who is older. Examples include:
    • Belarus, the "second" main protagonist as went to a nice friendly countryball to a absolute pedophile who is very obsessed with sexual harassment and porn and he cares a little about his friends, only potatoes and sex.
    • Estonia, while likable, became a massive punching bag.
    • South Korea became a cringe-worthy fangirl who likes to watch and buy K-pop all the time and she hates Cookie Run and Pororo the Little Penguin, despite these two being originated in her country.
    • Latvia became a very disrespectful countryball who won't stop saying potatoes most of the time and likes to dance on graveyards a lot.
      • He even wished the people who died from 9/11 to burn in hell and get their private parts chopped off. After that, he even joked about it.
    • Canada became a unfunny jerk who has a German stereotype. She is also a Mary-Sue now and she is more of a psycho path who is obsessed with murder.
    • Ireland became even more obsessed with beer than he was in the channel, the series and of course, the movie. This caused him to get drunk in a huge amount of scenes.
    • Colorado became a bland character with little to no personality whatsoever who likes to watch terrorism and is now a Nicole Watterson fanboy who never stops talking about her.
      • He for some reason was meant to be one of the main protagonist, but he only gets 203 minutes of screen time.
    • Poland, for some reason, has an Russian stereotype who's voice is very grating at times.
    • Japan is now a crazy anime fangirl who is addicted to hentai to the point where she won't stop talking about it.
    • United Kingdom is now a crazy American stereotype who hates anything British related, which is somehow ridiculous and nonsense since all of the television shows, films, etc are from the United Kingdom.
    • Germany barely even explores the Countryball what New York looks like, instead, he always works and doesn't cares about the vacation. He also became a massive money hungry person.
    • Israel is now a Diary of a Wimpy Kid fan, for some reason.
    • Kazakhstan is now a crazy Christmas lover, even if it is not Christmas. He is even treated like a butt-monkey.
    • Greece is now a jerk who watches Julkalender all the time whenever Germany's not around. She is also treated like a butt-monkey.
    • Jamaica became an extreme weed lover than he was in the channel to the point where he does it at all times.
    • Brazil (No, not the perverted one) is now portrayed as an idiot who cannot even stop his "Hue!" addiction at all.
    • Italy is portrayed as an Spanish stereotype who speaks in an Spanish accent and does Spanish culture.
    • Australia became obsessed with Back to the Outback, the Japanese culture and beer who hates Ireland and Germany too much.
    • Egypt is now a "fuckboy" who likes British culture.
    • Czechia is now a EarthBound, Animal Jam, Roblox, Cookie Run: Kingdom, Castle Cats and Dungeon Dogs fanboy to the point where he won't stop talking about them.
  6. The film even introduces some characters from different franchises. Which all of them have nothing to do with the film at all, sure, some characters are Countryballs, but still, they have nothing to do with the film as well. And they are only used for filler. Examples include:
    • New Zealand from Harvey Balls: World of Autumn is portrayed as a overly excited and extremely crazy than she was in the show.
    • Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, while likable, is now a punching bag.
    • Brazil from U Got 45'd | EXTENDED REMAKE EDITION is a pervert who is extremely obsessed with sex.
    • Maddie from Back to the Outback is now a serial killer.
    • Ness from Mother 2/EarthBound became a perverted teenager who is obsessed with raping and watching pornography and he would yell at anyone who hates porn.
    • Alisa Bosconovitch from Tekken became a prostitute.
    • Marie Rose from Dead or Alive is now addicted to crack cocaine, and is always high most of the time.
    • The characters from Cookie Run: Kingdom are also flanderized:
      • GingerBrave is also obsessed with nudity, despite being 13-years-old!
    • Sea Fairy Cookie is now a whiny jerk who hates Nintendo because they didn't change the mascot.
  7. A lot of the references and humor are adult references, pop culture references and adult humor (as mentioned earlier). Which can be inappropriate for a kids film.
  8. Overused of dark, cringe-including, weird, inappropriate and infamous moments and unnecessary filler that have nothing to do with the film at all, including:
    • Belarus trying to kill South Korea with no explanation why. Causing everyone to help him kill her, making this scene an obvious rip-off to Sherman Dies from The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.
    • Latvia watching Canada getting poisoned.
    • Canada puking blood and Poland tasting it.
    • Japan doing hentai (yes, really).
    • South Korea threatening the police to catch a virus and kill themselves.
    • Colorado doing in real life animation memes.
    • Poland making a video where he remakes a Crazy-Ass Group Show episode.
    • Everyone screaming "FORTNITE!" We are not joking.
    • Ireland raping Poland.
    • Latvia saying the N-word.
    • South Korea recreating a K-pop music video and putting it to TikTok.
    • Estonia killing Kazakhstan.
    • United Kingdom swearing and threaten to burn Ireland in a fire-pit.
    • Ireland getting drunk 69 times.
    • Japan blowing up the twin towers.
    • Belarus saying the word "fuck" multiple times during the hotel.
    • Germany banning K-pop in New York.
    • South Korea threatens to blow up New York if Germany doesn't unban K-pop.
    • The Starch Brotherhood celebrating Brain4Breakfast's death, which is very disrespectful.
      • Speaking of that scene, Brain4Breakfast is from the United Kingdom, not New York.
    • Yet again, the Starch Brotherhood screaming "AMOGUS SUSSY!" in front of Kazakhstan for no reason.
    • Germany, Brazil, Canada, Italy and Egypt making the world's "Fuckiest parade" and does a huge bomb.
    • Everyone, we mean everyone doing the Grubhub boogie dance. Yes, that again.
    • Ireland saying "WHOSE BIRTHDAY IT IS TODAY?!" when it is nobody's birthday in this film.
    • Colorado looking up Nicole Watterson porn just because China didn't want Colorado to become her boyfriend.
    • Latvia and Ireland almost getting married. Thankfully Belarus stopped them from doing it.
    • Brazil sending some people from New York to his country.
    • Ireland and Colorado saluting on Imogen Bitchensen and Nicole Watterson on Vyond.
    • South Korea and Japan stealing Belarus's credit card to buy more K-pop and anime.
    • South Korea, Peru, Belarus, Poland, Ireland and Britain doing a Drawn Together parody and sending it to YouTube.
    • Colorado making an election to vote for Nicole Watterson to be president of the United States.
      • Speaking of this, it last for almost an hour.
    • Germany, Ireland, Canada, Poland, Belarus, Latvia, Italy and Greece singing how much they hates California, worse, Colorado joins in, causing South Korea to beat everyone up.
    • Ireland dancing to the entire WAP song by Cardi B in a PG rated film. Yes, again, and the rest of the Starch Brotherhood watches it.
    • Colorado making too many ungrounded videos of Nicole Watterson.
    • South Korea committing a crime where she steals a K-pop album and murders the manager.
      • Because of how disturbing it is, it was banned in South Korea (more will be explained in the Reception section).
    • South Korea making an extreme rant on Cookie Run and Pororo the Little Penguin.
    • Ireland, Belarus and Latvia dancing to the Lime Cookie song.
    • Japan playing Mother 2/EarthBound before getting hit by an axe by Canada.
    • Colorado trolling and scamming players on Animal Jam Classic.
    • Canada terribly making a cover of "Gonna Be My Day", sends it to YouTube and puts way to many hashtags in the description.
    • Maddie and Canada turning into serial killers and murdering the police.
    • Brazil screaming "HUE!" in front of South Korea.
    • Colorado screaming and fanboying when he saw Nicole Watterson.
    • Japan defending Boku no Pico. Yes, really!
    • Belarus watching Sing.
    • Ireland, Germany, Italy and Greece arguing over the 9/11 event for an hour.
    • Canada hitting Greece 10 times for liking Roblox and PS5. Which caused she and Canada to have a battle.
    • Greece watching Julkalender on Germany's computer.
    • Frankreich Elisabeth from Countryballs: Royalty of Autumn fighting with France.
    • South Korea flashing her breast again (albeit censored).
    • Peru and Ireland arguing in New York.
    • Ireland doing Among Us memes.
    • South Korea and Japan doing Jump Up Super Star on TikTok when that dance was 3 years ago.
    • The U Got 45'd crew committing crimes.
    • Germany forcing Greece to pay debts.
    • Latvia kissing Ireland.
    • Kazakstan talking about Christmas.
    • Israel saluting on Dairy of a Wimpy Kid on Vyond.
    • Poland ranting on EarthBound.
    • Colorado trying to Shazam TilleyParis' intro song 200 times until he realized that TilleyParis' intro song remains unknown.
    • The Starch Brotherhood doing a pillow fight in their hotel room for 56 minutes, causing South Korea to beat them up.
    • Twilight Sparkle twerking to Anaconda.
    • Italien Marilyn having a pizza party with Mexiko Maribel, Serbien Altas, Österreich Stärscout and Spanien Maribel.
    • Jamaica and the Netherlands smoking weed in the hotel.
    • Brazil (U Got 45'd) and Brazil fighting.
    • South Korea begging Brazil (Art's Animations) to marry each other in front of the Starch Brotherhood.
    • The United Kingdom drinking coffee and goes crazy.
    • Australia watching Back to the Outback on Netflix.
    • Canada watching Turning Red on Disney+.
    • Belarus, Italy, Poland, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Colorado, Brazil, South Korea, Peru, Estonia, Australia, Lincoln Loud, Gumball Watterson, Mr. Peabody, Sherman, Uniktty, Dex and Fenneko doing a food fight.
    • Estonia screaming "SHUT UP" to Colorado.
    • Mr. Peabody killing South Korea.
    • Mexico from U Got 45'd hanging herself up in a kids movie. Yes really. Causing her to die and of course, Cuba calling the ambulance to rush her to the hospital.
    • Play Wild throwing a tantrum because she wasn't doing to Pizza Hut, which caused Lailani and the Jambassadors to get hit on the head by you know who, South Korea.
    • The Starch Brotherhood getting drunk.
    • Caillou and Rosie fighting over the computer.
    • D.W screaming "YOU SUCK!".
    • The mane 6 having a battle with their Pony Life shelves.
    • The Netherlands and Jamaica saying "WHAT THE FUCK!" with no explanation.
    • Switzerland being Switzerland.
    • A Raccoon eating Canada's hat.
    • Latvia laughing at Fortnite rants.
    • Colorado making a terribly made version of "Kawaii" and sending it across social media.
    • Poland dancing to Polish Cow.
    • The Starch Brotherhood, South Korea and Egypt doing a poorly made parody of Disco Duck.
    • Japan becoming anti LGBT.
    • Frankreich Elisabeth proving the Art's Animations characters that she is royalty of autumn.
    • Maddie and Mr. Peabody telling the Starch Brotherhood to shut up.
    • Germany murdering Greece.
    • South Korea making too many TikTok trends at the restaurant just to earn followers.
    • Belarus and Leni Loud making their own spin-off.
    • Ireland yelling "BEER!" for no reason.
    • Yugoslavia joining South Korea for TikToks.
    • Italien Marilyn and Spanien Maribel having an argument.
    • Sea Fairy Cookie hating on Nintendo for no reason.
    • Maddie, Ireland, GingerBrave, TBA.
  9. Some characters' genders can be wrong, similar to how they are in Starch Brotherhood: The Series and its film:
    • South Korea isn't a female in the channel, but she is a female in this film.
    • Japan isn't revealed a female in the channel, but she is seen as a female here.
    • Canada is a female in this film, but it is pretty unknown is she is female or male in the channel (possibly male).
    • China is a female in the channel, but she is (probably) a male in the channel.
    • Greece is a female in the film, but she is a male in the channel.
    • Italy is revealed a female during the film, but she is a male in the channel.
    • France is female, but she is possibly a male in the channel.
  10. The idea of making the characters' from Art's Animations going to New York, while it isn't that bad, is somehow confusing for viewers who haven't watched the web series, as Art's Animations' web series of Countryballs was originated in Belarus (although the language is Russian) instead of the United States, which will be better is the film takes places in Moscow, rather than New York.
  11. The film tries way too hard to be hip and trendy, such as using popular social media (TikTok, Instagram, Live streaming, etc), Doing a lot of memes (mostly dead) and doing TikTok dances.
  12. Executive meddling: Speaking of Moscow, The film was originally going to have the Countryballs getting the tickets and explore Moscow, but later have to do a musical first, then enjoy the trip, as well as keeping the charm of the channel, however, the writer didn't liked the idea, so they had to change the storyline for no reason at all. Which is the one we had here.
    • The film was also originally going to have no adult content into the film, but after 4 months, they had yet again decide to put adult content with no explanation why besides making the film "better".
      • Speaking of reason one, the film was yet again, originally going to have an R maturity rating, but for some reason, had changed to PG, despite its adult content.
  13. As mentioned earlier, there are sexual humor, that may be too inappropriate for a kids films, examples include:
  14. False Advertising:
    • In the second poster, Singapore is seen, but he never appears in the film at all.
    • In the first poster, Poland is seen, meaning that he will be one of the main protagonist, but in the film, Poland gets a little amount of screen-time, While Belarus and South Korea get the most screen-time, making them the real main protagonist. While it does make sense that Belarus is the main protagonist, since Art's Animations is Belarusian, it doesn't even make any sense that South Korea also gets more screen-time alongside Belarus.
    • In the British poster, it shows many of the countryballs going to London, but they never, ever went to London.
    • One of the Japanese posters show the countryballs traveling around the world, yet again, that never happened.
  15. The title is somewhat misleading as well. Despite the title being Art's Animations: The Movie, meaning that the film will focus on the Art's Animations characters, for some reason, many characters from different franchises appear in this film, as mentioned earlier, despite them not being from Art's Animations, such as The Loud House, Harvey Balls: World of Autumn, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and Tell Your Tale, Caillou, Animal Jam, Turning Red, The Emoji Movie, Cuphead, the Sonic franchise , The Amazing World of Gumball, U Got 45'd (YouTube video), Teen Titans Go!, Royalty of Autumn, Hilda, Dora the Explorer, The Chicken Squad, The Owl House, Ducktales (2017), Toy Story, Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, Super Mario, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Miracle Star, Encanto, Countryhumans (Yes that), The Powerpuff Girls, PWA (PixelWolf Animation), The Lion King, Adventure Time, Family Guy, South Park, Aggrestuko, BNA: Brand New Animal, Demon Slayer, Total Drama, Foodnight!, Spirit: Riding Free, Bluey, etc. Therefore, making it a crossover film rather than a film based on Art's Animations. The only reason why that happened is because the 9-year-old writer wanted to put more characters into the film, but it turns out the characters the writer added have nothing to do with the film when the production was finished.
  16. The background music is awful and not a pleasant to listen. Most of them are also copyrighted, as many of the songs are 2010s pop music, 90s music, etc. Not to mention that they are taken without permission, and it doesn't help the fact that they didn't even get sued for it.
  17. Very poor attempts at comedy, many of them try hard to be funny, but ends up being cringe, laughable and even offensive.
  18. Most of the soundtrack of the film is terrible. Many are either inappropriate, weird or too extreme for a PG film, causing the film to get banned in some countries:
    • As mentioned earlier, an infamous filler scene where Ireland dances to the WAP, actually, the entire WAP song. In a movie that's rated PG!
    • South Korea, Poland, Egypt, Lincoln Loud and Mr. Peabody sings "Fuck me in the vagina and dick", which is a song that is written by Poland.
    • Reichtangle (Countryhumans) sings a song to Poland (Countryhumans) to Kick him in the dick.
    • Mr. Peabody makes a song where he forces Sherman to let Mr. Peabody execute him before he squeezes 21 women breast.
    • Caillou singing "Silly old car!".
  19. The film's length is ridiculously way too long, as it last for 4,202 minutes! Meaning that the film will last 70 hours and the film will take 2 days to finish in theaters! How would anyone finish this film in a whooping theaters in 2 days?!
    • The only reason why the film last for 4,202 minutes is because some scenes either last for too long:
      • A scene where the Starch Brotherhood does a pillow fight last for 56 minutes
      • Colorado making a vote about Nicole Watterson becoming president last for 59 minutes.
      • Australia and Canada watching films for 2 hours.
      • Another scene where Colorado tries to Shazam TilleyParis' intro song last for 2 hours.
      • The battle scene of Canada and Greece last for 4 hours!


Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation, while solid, is somehow smooth and well-made.
  2. While most are flanderized, some remain their original counterparts, examples include:
    • Estonia, while he is a punching bag, is still likable.
    • Peru, out of all Countryballs, is the most likable out of all, as he told everyone to stop swearing and doing nudity and told his friends to have a good vacation.
    • China herself remains her kind personality, just like in Starch Brotherhood: The Series who never gets involved into anything what the crew is doing.
  3. Nice voice acting for the characters.
  4. Some dialogue can be "so bad it's good". Examples include:
    • "This isn't what our vacation is going to be! It is a bitchass mess!"
  5. Some hilarious moments or some scenes that have something to do with the film, such as:
    • The Starch Brotherhood exploring New York.
    • South Korea singing how much she loves New York.
    • Greece and Poland looking at the tower and taking pictures.


Dialogue Of The Film

Peru: Can we go to the vacation already? And let's hope it's not bad…
United Kingdom: Okay… I had it with this shit! Why are we even here? This place is an absolute fucking mess! Fuck you everyone, fuck you Belarus and fuck everyone! Expect for Peru.
Belarus: Fuck New York! Why did I even came here in the first place 1 week ago! 1 fucking week ago!
Estonia: *speaks slow* oh no! 9/11 is coming back! No!
Ireland: Oh shit! Poland's going to crash the towers!
China: I'am aware this will turn out horrible…


Click here for the transcript, we are not putting it here :) it might be so long to put all of the transcript of the film, so I will put it here instead. It might be my longest blog post.

Reception (WIP)

Art’s Animations: The Movie was panned by audiences for its nudity and offensive jokes, but received mixed-to-negative reviews for critics. But however, the film got a massive fanbase saying that "it's so bad, it's good".

Many of the Art's Animations were very upset and where over-hyped. Many thought the film would had the characters doing to Moscow but had to do a musical for 23 minutes, then they go to the city for a trip, to relax, have some fun and explore the city, instead, the writer had to thrown adult humor, sexual humor, graphic violence and swearing. As well as thrown characters from different franchises in the film. This caused the fans to get really disappointed.

The film received a 32% critic score and a 15% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, an 29 out of 100 on Metacritic and 2.6/10 on IMDb, despite its negative reception, a sequel is in development.



Box Office



  • Art's Animations, Fuckin' Potatoes War! was going to be the sequel, but was canceled for unknown reasons.


Soundtrack of the Film (WIP)

  1. Mr. Blue Sky - TBA
  2. New York is the Place I Adore - South Korea
  3. Tik Tok - TBA
  4. Get On, Move Around - South Korea (ft. Ireland)
  5. Really Don't Care - TBA
  6. Lookin' at the City - Peru
  7. WAP - Cardi B


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