Africa: the Movie (fake movie)

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Africa: the Movie is a 2020 Ugandan live action film.


Big Man Tyrone is told by the French government that we have to stop the problem of a minute passing every 60 seconds in Africa. As a result, he, Pasta-Senpai, and Ugandan Knuckles try to stop France from messing up Africa.

Why It Sucks

  1. It shoves pan-Africanism in your face.
  2. It stereotypes Europeans as nothing but evil and greedy.
    • It even glorifies the Chinese government!
  3. It was made by anti-Trump liberals hence why it has such a Buzzfeed liberal feel to it.
  4. A lot of the characters are unlikable:
    • Pasta-Senpai keeps blaming the problem on transgender people and lying that they use cucumbers, bananas, and all other kinds of fruits/vegetables to feel like the opposite gender.
    • Ugandan Knuckles is a useless comic relief who really can't solve the issue at all.
    • King T'Chala's son is racist against white people for no reason.
    • An unnamed Nigerian principal keeps telling people that they can't graduate unless they have kissed his cock.
    • Paw Paw is succeeding at his job of wanting to become a terrorist at the very young age of 7.
  5. It switches constantly between English and Luganda as well as other native African languages. There aren't even subtitles.
  6. The viewer is expected to know the mythology of multiple African regions.
  7. It even has a filler scene of a corgi twerking to highlife music!
  8. Misleading title: Despite the name being "Africa: The Movie", 90% of the African scenes in the movie are of Nigeria and Uganda.
  9. It's highly racist to each country in Africa

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It pays respects to the late Chadwick Boseman.
  2. Big Man Tyrone is the only likable character.



4 months ago
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If Tyrone is in this then one of the European guys has to be played by Roger Stockburger or Voiceover Pete right?


4 months ago
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Idk, Roger Stockburger is from Australia.

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