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Welcome to the Awful Movies Wiki

Throughout film history, there have been movies that made you sigh, movies that made you cringe and even movies that made you say: "art is dead." This wiki was made to let movie aficionados know about some of the worst movies ever made and even some of the worst moments in film history.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. When editing this wiki stick to movies that have garnered an opinion over the majority and not just personal thoughts. Movies can have a page here if their average critic score on RottenTomatoes is 4.5/10 or lower. Web reviewers will be considered if they meet the requirements of the wiki. For more detailed rules about accepted web reviewers read the specific article here.
  2. There are two major headings to use for each wiki page: The Plot and Why it Sucks. The latter must contain valid and detailed reasons; do your best to avoid generic stuff like "bad acting/animation/soundtrack/etc".
  3. Do not add captions for humourous purposes.
  4. Do not create new categories. If you think a new category is needed ask the admins and they'll make it for you if your suggestion proves to be useful.
    Immature behaviour, such as creating excessive or spam categories, will result in possible blocks.
  5. Do not create a page about a movie that hasn't been released yet. No exceptions.
  6. Reviews are optional. Though, if you plan to put in the reviews made by critics, it is also OK to take reviews from other sources. However, plagiarism is not acceptable for anything else. If your article is suspected of being plagiarized, it will get deleted.
  7. Rude behavior towards other users will not be accepted. If you are rude towards another user, expect a permanent ban.
  8. Do not create a page about trilogies/duologies/etc.; not only making a page about a single movie is simpler but every movie is different from another even if they are part of the same set. Making a page about a whole trilogy doesn't make a lot of sense if you want to say why each one of them sucks.
  9. Please refrain from swearing in the articles. Swearing in the comment section, however is allowed as long as its not used to offend other users. Adding YouTube videos that have swearing in the title is allowed, but will be controlled.
  10. Be as formal as possible when editing.
  11. Removing information or messing with the articles without giving a good reason is considered vandalism and can result in a permanent ban.
  12. Reasons for deleted comments are: malicious propaganda, harassing others, pornography or if the comment makes no sense.
  13. Breaking any of the aforementioned rules will result in ONE warning. If you persevere you will be blocked for a period of time. The duration of the block will depend on the gravity of your misbehaviour unless already specified in the rule.

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These are the people who are currently managing the wikia, contact them for any question.

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