Alpha and Omega

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Alpha and Omega is a 2010 comedy romance adventure film directed by Anthony Bell and Ben Gluck and stars Justin Long, Hayden Panettiere, Dennis Hopper (who died before the film was released) and Danny Glover. It spawned an absolutely baffling franchise with 7 sequels that nobody wanted or liked.


When two wolves, Kate and Humphrey (Justin Long and Hayden Pannetiere), get shipped from their homes to Idaho, they must get back home before their packs go to war.

Bad Qualities

  1. Very cheap-looking animation. A deleted scene in the DVD's special features looked better than the film's final result.
  2. Lazy writing.
  3. Predictable and overused plot.
  4. Very terrible jokes, which mainly consist of sexual innuendos (infamously including what appears to be a pun based on the anatomical features of wolf penises) and toilet jokes.
  5. Humphrey is supposed to be a good-natured prankster, but in his first interaction with Garth he comes across as spiteful and petty.
  6. The romance between Kate and Humphrey feels really forced.
  7. The film's message is about love transcending rigid social roles. Unfortunately, the sequels retroactively ruin the message by showing exactly why Kate and Humphrey should never have got together.
  8. Created the awful corgi-thing wolf pup CG models that would later become the even more awful protagonists of the sequels.
  9. Speaking of sequels, it had 7 sequels that manage to get worse over time.
  10. Hollow logs do not work or have the friction of sleds.
  11. This film isn‘t realesed on Blu-ray 3D in North America.

Good Qualities

  1. While Kate and Humphrey's romance feel forced as they spend most of their screentime arguing, the secondary romance between Garth and Lily is genuinely sweet.
  2. Some characters are likable, such as Lily.
  3. Good voice acting.
  4. The depiction of humans as actually trying to help the wolves repopulate rather than as evil eco-thugs is somewhat more nuanced than most kids' films that have anything to do with the environment.
  5. The film is decidated to Dennis Hopper, who died a few months before the film's release.