Airplane Mode

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Airplane Mode
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Logan Paul
Jake Paul
Chloe Bridges
Nick Swardson
Amanda Cerny
Nick Bateman
Arielle Vandenberg
Kevin Heffernan
Brittany Furlan
David Dobrik
Lele Pons
Chad Jamian
Photography: Color
Country: United States

Airplane Mode is a 2019 comedy film directed and written by David Dinetz and Dylan Trussell, with additional writing credits from Logan and Jake Paul.


Horny American teenagers fly to Australia for sex at the social media convention in Sydney. Will Logan survive his fear of flying? Will the pilots survive passengers not using airplane mode? Will anyone survive?

Why It Sucks

  1. The entire film is one big ripoff of Airplane!, even going as far as to steal jokes from the classic verbatim.
  2. The film is just not funny at all. The film will often stop everything just to shove in something racist, vulgar, homophobic, loud, annoying, or just so dated (which we'll get to).
  3. The acting is extremely bad. Most actors either underact or just scream their lines.
  4. One of the major plot points is that Logan Paul can read the minds of gay people. This is never explained and just exists to force in more gay jokes.
  5. When the humor isn't being excruciatingly dumb, it's under the impression that "just because they did the thing they did on Vine, it'll get a laugh!"
  6. The film's biggest selling point is that the cast is made up of 100% social media influencers, but most of them are used as cameos.
  7. Logan's main character arc is that he has a fear of flying, which came from an accident that wasn't even airplane related.
  8. The visual effects are abhorrent.
  9. There's one scene where Logan's lubrication starts talking to him. This doesn't serve any purpose to the story or even come up again and, again, is never explained.
  10. The film was delayed for two years due to Logan's suicide forest controversy (which the film even parodies), and even at that, the comedy is extremely dated. The biggest offender is with the guys from the "Leave Brittany Alone!" and the "Bed Intruder Song" videos having extended cameos in a film that came out in 2019.
  11. Going back to the Airplane! comparisons, one of the posters is a full on copy of that film's poster, but instead of the plane being twisted up, the plane is dabbing.
  12. The movie is obsessed with sexual humor to the point where the jokes just become repetitive.
  13. Nick Swardson gets a subplot where he finds a baby and proceeds to raise him as his own, even going as far as to feed him milk from his nipple (yes, that really happens).

The One Redeeming Quality

  1. Logan Paul gives a surprisingly good performance.