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== Comments ==
== Comments ==
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[[Category:Animated films]]

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Action Man: Robot Atak
Action Man- Robot Atak.png
An insult to the Action Man franchise
Genre: Action
Sci Fi
Directed By: John Moffett
Steven Burch
Chris Woods
Produced By: Lee Hill
Steven Burch
Laura Burridge
Anna Lord
Eric Barrett
Carissa Buffel
Written By: Alan Grant
Based On: Action Man by Hasbro
Starring: Oliver Milburn
Eric Meyers
Jesse Spencer
Steven Berkoff
Pierre Maubouché
Johnny Daukes
Talia Shively
Distributed By: Hasbro
Panini Comics
Release Date: November 24, 2004 (United Kingdom)
September 24, 2004 (United States)
Runtime: 45 minutes
Country: UK
Language: English
Sequel: Action Man: X Missions - The Movie

Action Man: Robot Atak is a 2004 direct-to-DVD CGI animated film based on the Hasbro toy line, Action Man. The film was produced by Arcana Digital and directed by John Moffett, Steven Burch and Chris Woods. Released to tie-in with the line of Action Man toys released in 2004, Robot Atak was the first in a trilogy of direct-to-video films and was followed by a sequel in 2005, Action Man: X Missions - The Movie.


The world's leading toxins specialist, Professor Moran, is kidnapped by a villain named No-Face while in disguise as Action Man in order to frame him for the kidnapping. No-Face intends to force Moran to make him a mind control gas. Action Man and Action Force become wanted criminals and their base becomes surrounded by the authorities. No-Face takes Moran to Island X, where he reveals that he has constructed an army of 'X-Robots' which begin terrorising cities across the world. No Face has also began rebuilding Dr. X and brings him back to life as he was previously defeated by Action Man. Action Force escape their base with some of their equipment and vehicles and go on the run whilst battling X-Robots along the way. In one instance, Action Man places a tracker on an X-tank and tracks the robot's location to Island X. Action Force make their way there and later find out about Dr. X and No Face's plan to turn the world's population into their slaves using Moran's mind control gas. After several confrontations and battles, the evil plan is thwarted and the base is destroyed thanks to Flynt redirecting the missiles containing the gas to their launch point. Action Force leave with Moran, though they do not realise that Dr. X and No-Face have survived the explosion.

Why It Sucks

  1. Ugly, cheap-looking CG animation.
  2. Laughably dreadful voice acting and dialogue, especially from Dr. X and No-Face.
  3. The story is incredibly generic and lacks any suspense.
  4. Bad pacing. Despite running at 45 minutes, the movie feels like it takes forever.
  5. The fight scenes lack any tension, since Action Man and his two allies, Flynt and Red-Wolf, fight through Dr. X's hordes of robots without any struggle, making the movie even more predictable.
  6. Flynt and Redwolf are both very unmemorable, bland characters. The former is a stereotypical wise-cracking Aussie, while the latter is a native-american who has next to no personality.
  7. Unlike the series from the early 2000s, where Dr. X was an interesting, calculating villain who was also quite menacing, here he has been dumbed down into a laughably bad, cartoon stereotype of a villain who spews dialogue that is so cringe-worthy and embarrassing to listen to that he puts Arnold Schwarzenegger's Mr Freeze to shame.
  8. And his new henchman, No-Face, isn't any better either. His appearance is a blatant ripoff of Darkman, and his role as a master of disguise is also copied from the Marvel comics villain known as Chameleon. And like Dr. X, No-Face spews laughably cheesy dialogue that makes it difficult to take him seriously as a villain. He's also not very smart, since he gets annoyed at one of Dr. X's robots for only being able to say "No-face commands! This unit obeys!", even though No-Face was the one who programmed them.
  9. Lame attempts at humor. When Professor Moran asks No-Face what Dr. X robots are for, No-Face makes an unfunny joke about his "smelly socks".
  10. The way "Attack" is spelled as "Atak" in the title is clearly a very stupid attempt at trying to look hip and cool.
  11. This movie is even worse when you compare it to otherwise excellent Action Man TV series from 2000, which had good voice acting and animation, great and suspenseful writing and well developed plot-lines and characters, it actually felt like it was created by someone who wanted to make something good out of the Action Man franchise, Action Man: Robot Atak, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of that, and feels like it was written by someone who just wanted to make a quick cash-in more than anything.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It is possible to enjoy this film ironically. If you like movies that are So Bad They're Good, then this is the perfect film to watch thanks to its cheesy writing, dialogue and voice acting.
  2. Dr. X's design does look pretty cool (although the mutton chop beard looks unfitting for a mad scientist).


Robot Atak was followed by two sequels, the first of which, Action Man: X-Missions - the Movie, was produced by Paramount Pictures and released commercially to DVD and VHS in 2005. The film continued the story begun in Robot Atak and featured the central cast reprising their roles, whilst also featuring the film debut of Professor Gangrene, a recurring antagonist in the Action Man comic book and TV series. X-Missions also re-used several CGI character models from the direct-to-DVD film G.I. Joe: Valor vs. Venom, itself also based on a Hasbro toy property.

The third and final film in the trilogy, Action Man: X-Missions - Code Gangrene, was only released in Mexico as a tie-in with an exclusive toy line. Thus, the third film is only available in Spanish.


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