100% Wolf

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100% Wolf
100% Wolf.jpg
This movie is 100% lies .
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Axles Stradermann
Produced By: Alexia Gates-Foale
Barbara Stephen
Written By: Fin Edquist
Based On: 100% Wolf by Jayne Lyons
Starring: Jai Courtney
Samara Weaving
Magda Szubanski
Rhys Darby
Akmal Saleh
Ilai Swindells
Rupert Degas
Jane Lynch
Cinematography: Heidy Villafane
Distributed By: STXfilms (international)
Eone (Spain)
Release Date: 29 May 2020 (Australia)
October 23, 2020 (United States)
Runtime: 96 minutes
Country: Australia
Language: English
Box Office: $4.6 million
Sequel: 100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone (spin-off TV series)

100% Wolf is a 2020 Australian-Belgain-Dutch-French-German fantasy comedy film, based on the book of the same name by Jayne Lyons.


The film's story is about a young boy named Freddy Lupin possessing a magical Moonstone and is heir to the leadership of a family line of werewolves. However, his first transformation doesn't go so well when he turns into a dog (poodle, to be exact) instead. Because dogs are looked down on by werewolves, Freddy has to prove he has the heart of a wolf or risk being banished.

Bad Qualities

  1. Faulty grasp on the source material:
    • For starters, Cripp (one of the villains) wasn’t a goofy ice cream man in the original book, nor did he talk to a monkey doll. He was actually a very feared werewolf hunter long before Freddy was born.
    • Second of all, Bruno was able to make full sentences in the book rather than being a lunatic that can only say “ball”.
    • Also, Harriet and Chariot are dumbed down from “villain’s second in commands” to “darn kids and their phones”.
    • Finally, Freddy’s poodle form had black fur in the original before being dyed pink, while here his poodle form is white. Doggy whitewashing, much?
  2. The werewolves are awful to Freddy, demeaning him and threatening him with banishment because he turned into a poodle instead, something he couldn’t control, didn’t know would happen to him, and didn’t want.
  3. The unique feature of a secret werewolf society is put aside in favor of a generic dog comedy movie.
  4. The main villains of the film are Disney villain rip-offs, down to their design and personality-wise.
    • Cripp's design seems to be a Bowler Hat Guy (Goob) ripoff from Meet the Robinsons.
    • Lord Hotspur is basically Scar if he was a werewolf instead of a lion (more on that in BQ 11).
    • The Commander can be seen as a Cruella De Vil ripoff, down to her goal of wanting to kill dogs and turn them into fashion accessories (in this case wigs).
  5. Fart and pee jokes throughout.
  6. The scenes where Freddy and Miss Mutton are penetrated by the rectal thermometer. Remember: this is a family film.
  7. Funny as she is, Twitchy is still the stereotypical “easily angered short character hates being made fun of for being short”.
  8. The rivalry between dogs and werewolves doesn’t make much sense when you think about it, nor did they explain why, and is only really done in-depth in the original book. (The reason there was because dogs were bred to hunt wolves in the past, so wolves, regardless if they were half-man or not, view them as "traitors".)
  9. Does the overused “Liar Revealed” trope like any other movie that does it poorly.
    • Also uses the overdone “pounds are animal prisons” trope.
  10. There are moments where the movie tries to ripoff The Lion King:
    • A son who wants to be "king".
    • The jealous younger brother/uncle who wants to be the king.
    • There's also a werewolf version of Pride Rock (even the poster itself is guilty of copying this).
    • There's even a scene where the dad hangs from a cliff and then "dies" while trying to save Cripp.
  11. A couple of inconsistencies:
    • Apparently werewolves have to have their ability be kept secret from humans... but the housekeeper is a human who is entirely aware of them. (Though in the book, Miss Mutton was a type of werewolf who lacked the transformation ability.)
    • Freddy is confused as to why dogs think werewolves are bad, even though he had been told more-than-likely for a long time by his family that werewolves aren't trusted by most of society.
    • Freddy tells his dad he's realized that dogs are the kindest creatures, even though in the movie they're been unruly punks for the most part.
  12. The plot is almost similar to the Mexican-Indian 2017 movie Monster Island.

Good Qualities

  1. The animation is gorgeous.
  2. Decent voice acting.
  3. The film manages to have a good message on acceptance.
  4. The werewolf designs are cool.
  5. Subverts the “dead dad” cliché by revealing that Flashheart is alive.
  6. Miss Mutton is a likable character as she shows genuine concern for Freddy after his transformation and quickly goes to save him once she discovers that he’s in the Coldfax pound.
  7. The werewolves do get better in the end, and they also have standards, as while they look down on dogs, they (except Hotspur) definitely don’t want them dead.
    • They’re also better than in the original book, as there they straight up kicked out Freddy without giving him a chance. They got better there too, though.
  8. While angry with Freddy for being a liar and a thing she was taught to fear, Batty still shows concern for him when he's taken into Coldfax's dungeon.
  9. There are some funny moments, especially with Twitchy.


  • Alongside being based on a book of the same name, this movie also got a TV show adaptation called mh:besttvshows:100% Wolf: Legend of the Moonstone, which follows what happens after the movie. The show also received more positive feedback than the film did.


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